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No description

Logann galle

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of Science(project)

How does solar energy turn into electricity
there are different ways to make solar energy than just panels for example:
solar archatuite
renewabe energy
REally expensive
Sunlight is limited at times
requires a lot of space
weather can effect quality such as clouds
Step 2:
The wires inside the panels Turns the DC power into AC power.
Step 3:
after the power is in the wires.THe power goes to the circut.
When you turn on the switch the power comes on.
Doesnt cause pollution
we'll have access as long as the sun lives
Reduces on non renewable energy
easy installation
good for remote locations
by Jack Wright,Logann Galle,
Kiara Cummings & Rachael Frost

Light --> Electric
Step one:
The sun hits the silicion panels with photons(particles of sunlight)which conducts power and travels down the wires.
Kramer junction facitity
miles barr
solar panels are made up of A bunch of silicon cells joined together to form a circuit.

largest in u.s
1000 acres
created a transparent solar cell that can go on a phone for unlimited power when exposed to sunlight
step one:
the photons or particles of sun hit the electrons within the panel hitting them and creating a flow of electrons

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