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English presentation with Nienke.

Kim Warink

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Cheerleading

Cheerleading Welcome at our presentation.
We hope you'll enjoy it! (: First... A movie! We are going to talk about.. - The introduction.
- The history of cheerleading.
- The different kinds of cheerleading.
- The garments
- Competitions and championships.
- Which people become cheerleaders?
- Tricks.
- Rules.
- Cheerleading in the Netherlands.
- Quotes and slogans.
- Top 3 cheerleading teams from the NFL
- The media. By Nienke De Haan and Kim Warink The introduction. Before we start with our real presentation we’re going to tell you a short introduction about cheerleading. This because we don’t want you to be confused! There are two kinds of cheerleading:
1: Cheerleading to encourage the players of a team before the game begins (this is often seen in football games and rugby games)
2: Cheerleading as a real sport and here participates it in championships.
Cheerleading is the most popular sport in the USA. Cheerleading is also known as a typical American sport. The best known federations in the USA are; varsity USA and the International All Star federation. In the Netherlands cheerleading is also practiced. The Dutch Cheerleading Association is our federation of cheerleading. During our presentation we’re mostly talking about cheerleading in the USA. The history of cheerleading. x Around 1800.
x Girls in 1920.
x Yelling and gymnastics.
x The poms in 1930.
x Lawrence R. Herkimer. (1906-1971)
x The first championships were in 1978 The different kinds of cheerleading. School cheer (Middle- High school). All Star cheerleading. Competitive school teams. Which people become cheerleaders? x Often high school girls.
x Not only for girls.
x To become a cheerleader isn't easy. The garments. A shell/vest Crop top Skirts Kick pants/spankies Pompons Ribbons Competitions and championships. Tricks. Stunting Jumps Cheerdance Tumbling Rules. x The area is 40*40.
x Never begin with a pyramid or stunt.
x Signs, megaphones and poms. Cheerleading in the Netherlands x Isn't as popular as in the US.
x Winschoten, Amsterdam, Zoetermeer.
x Some competitions. Quotes and slogans. "Cheerleading is more than
a sport; it's an attitude." "Hands on your hips, a smile on your lips,
spirit in your heart, we’re ready to start!" "Simply because we do not
run across goal lines, slam
dunk basketballs, or hit
home runs, doesn't mean
we can't change the score." "Together we stand, together we fall.
All for one and one for all!" "Any man can hold a
girl's hand, but only
the elite can hold her feet." Top 3 best cheerleading teams of the NFL. The media. x Articles in newspapers, on TV.
x At games.
x Championships on TV.
x Films and programs. THE END. Thanks for listening. x Not an olympic sport.
x Teams in Holland.
x Dates of big competitions.
x The world championships.
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