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Dominique Wilkins

No description

Library Media

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Dominique Wilkins

When Dominique decided to go to North Carolina he wanted to be on a basketball team. When he moved to North Carolina he lived with his grandmother for a coupel of months until his family in Paris could move to North Carolina where he was.
Dominique Wilkins
being champs
When he went to North Carolina he went to a high schoolthat had not won a championchip but the next three years Dominique lead them to be the champs for three straight years. he had the best dunks ever.
He got drafted third overall to the Jazz. He wanted to stay in Georgia and go to the Atlanta Hawks but he went to Utah with the Jazz. He dunked awesome and made a lot of shots. a few years later he got traded to the hawks and lead the NBA in poi nts per game. he was a great player but then he got traded to more teams and then Retired. And he got in the Hall Of Fame. He is still one of the best who have played the game basketball.
France as a kid
Dominique Wilkins was a kid who loved the game of basketball.He was born January 12th 1960 in Paris France. He was a very poor kid. when his family needed food they would send him outside to go make money from bets with his freinds wih his skills of shooting. one day they had nobody who could dunk on a 12 foot goal and dominique went outside and dunked it for money.
Going to north Carolina
Going to college

a lot of the fans wanted him to go to North Carolina and he was going to but at the last second he decided to go to Georgia but the fans did not like his choice so fans would throw bricks and bust there windows open so one night they got up and moved to Georgia. He was very comptorble at Georgia.
When he went to Georgia he also had two other good players. He lead Georgia winning almost every game and they only lost one time against the North Carolina Tarheels with thhe world famouse Michael Jordan. They went to March Madness and that let them be the first Georgia basketball team to go to March Madness and they went very far in the tournament. and he had a great chance of going to the NBA.
Playing with the team
Even though he wanted to join a team and he could dunk like nobody believed he was still kinda shy. Then one day he got fouled really hard the ref asked him if he was all right and one of his teamates said he was. then he was the best basketball player who was playing high school basketball.
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