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Lucy is amazing, here's why

The magical goodness I feel when I see Lucy, expressed in various forms

Simon Taylor

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of Lucy is amazing, here's why

I love Lucy The beginning The Middle The Future how we met Every Story has a beginning I started to fall for Lucy One scary day I enter a new office, to start
a new job, full of new people. All very scary! Then a pretty lady appeared Tada! She helped me get setup and had an
air of lovelyness that was magic I'd sit in the office daydreaming Tasty Treats! and lovliness She was there being lovely, and looking after me
as a newbie. Then one night we had a team event... WHat happened next I walked in to the team event
and saw Lucy But something was different POW! Amazing dress Boom! I could feel
my heart
racing Lucy makes me think of... Every time she did the smalles thing like say hello, or come near me, I could feel my heart beat out of its chest Then we started to talk At first it was just friendly chat
on Sametime but I quickly found her excitement
and lovliness too much and took a big risk... I took a leap of faith and asked for her number She turned out to be more amazing than I could have ever imagined!! It took a little while
before we were able to see each other, and there were some bumps in the road but before long I was spending time with Lucy, and finding myself smitten! Who knows what's next for us What I do know is, I find everything tastes better when I'm with Lucy, I feel more alive and like she is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with I think we make a great couple I love you Lucy
Happy Valentines Day
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