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Computer tech

No description

seth dicks

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Computer tech

Cyber savvy Keep yourself safe
Understand the risks Do the right things
Respect privacy of others
Respect rights of others Take responsibility for others well-being Read with your eyes

anyone can post on the internet Watch out for traps
actions can be traced
ALWAYS think before you hit send Ask yourself three questions
3 examples 1. Do you often use the Internet late into the night? 2. If you are not online, do you think about the last time you were online or make plans for the next time? 3. Are you depressed or anxious? Think about what u r posting UNSAFE POSTING MATERIAl Any personal information Financial information Intimate personal information About others posted by you Basic safety practices Use a username that makes a good image People to avoid Posers Impersonators Fakes Griefers Creeps Downers Have computer security Download only from legitimate sites
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