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The Monk's Tale

No description

Abby Licate

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of The Monk's Tale

"...like an eagle's feathers grew his hair, his nails were like the talons of a bird.." page 195
"While walking to his wedding, on the way..."

"...their limbs and lives..."

"...could be carried in a chair..."

"Of fickle Fortune..."
The monk tells of downfalls of various powerful people.
Parable/ Biblical Allusions
The monk makes references to Lucifer, Adam and Eve, Samson, etc.

"Consider Adam, made by God's own finger, and not begotten of a man's unclean seed, he that in Eden was allowed to linger..."
Abby Licate
The Monk's Tale
Theme: "In Tragic Manner I will now lament the griefs of those who stood at high degree and fell at last with no expedient to bring them out of their adversity. For sure it is, if Fortune wills to flee, no man may stay her course or keep his hold..."
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