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No description

AE Reiff

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Jonah


When fine gold lost its luster
and I had no breath,
when the precious gold had altered,
and waters closed over my head,
sons once worth their weight
and pots of clay the work of hands,
I called on the LORD from the depths.


“I can’t look,” he says, that’s good,
seed coats spin the form.
A hand reached out, retrieved the flame
of words that came from arms.
Spray water, shake, the shells fall off,
the egg is born.


You might be simple enough
to give up life to live
an image of being wrong.
Give up pleading,
deflate the line.
But think,
Do you want to live
without intention?
Change is an act of forgetting.

Walk a Kiln

Four men walked a fire house
with cries an octave up.
Chord notes, head voice unuttered get
a man to bypass thought.

Off with the hat, hair, eyes, skin, teeth,
Lay hands upon the tinge,
be incandescent, kindle light,
that’s how to walk in kilns.
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