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How to Buy Web Localization Services: Confessions of a Translation Salesman

Gala - Cancun 2009

Pitch Kitchen

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of How to Buy Web Localization Services: Confessions of a Translation Salesman

5 4 3 2 1 DO Paid pilot projects with a few suppliers.
Create a quality scoring guide for your reviewers Don't measure quality from sample translations
Just ask reviewers for what they liked the best. DON'T Buying Advice #3 Because you are... Interview the project manager as if you were hiring them to work on your team. Buying Advice #2 If you are going to use a "reverse auction" use it to get your chosen suppliers to give you their best and final prices, rather than to select a supplier based on the outcome. Buying Advice #1 6 Confessions You want the Truth? OF A TRANSLATION SALESMAN The Real Differentiator What's most important to you in choosing a translation company? Why then, do many
translation or localization services companies focus on their technology as their differentiator? Source: Web site poll at www.languagemessenger.com of 192 respondants over 4 months. What's the difference between these two companies? .... or these? If differentiators were "real", why wouldn't they be the same, for everyone, and always? What do your clients say is the reason why they have chosen your company? We might switch to cheaper translators after we've won your business. No matter how "seamless" I say the integration is, the moment someone doesn't do what they should be doing, your project comes to a screetching halt. Or worse, it gets all $#^$ up. Unless I'm commissioned to make sure your projects go right, I won't care a year after your first project, when your web site translation is all wrong. If I knew I wasn't given a real chance at winning your business, I would've priced below what can be sustained, only to get you to beat-up my competition and decrease their profit margins. "The biggest differentiator is that which makes the biggest difference to me" - Your Customer Our service may not be better, cheaper or faster than what you're now getting, but when I heared you complain about it, I didn't stop you from assuming that just maybe - we are. But isn't that what you want to buy anyway? DON'T DO Auction total project cost
Hourly rates Auction word rates
Translation Memory Rates
Pages per hour How to Buy
Web Localization
Services: Quality Cost Speed Translation This is what every client wants but does't get unless they know how to buy translation services Very Expensive Slow, delivery date
not reliable Poor Partnership
Google How do we decide? Why do you really buy from
one company over another? Less risk?
More value?
Greater trust? What was the last big purchasing decision
you made and how did you make it? What difference does the person or people make to whether or not we buy from them? Founded 2003
14,000+ Professional & Certified Translators
12 offices around the world
150 Languages
3,000+ Customers in 22 countries
Fastest Growing Translation Company UK 6 The only real difference between me and my competitor is the difference I/we can try to create after knowing what you are trying to accomplish and what's most important to you about that. Click the arrow to advance, or click and drag to move around. You can also use the mouse roller to zoom in and out. Where do
we decide? Buying Advice "People believe only in what they themselves decide." Not what you tell them
Not what may be factual
Not what may be best for them
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