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Art vs. Power

A comparison between the public protest of corrupt power through the music and activism of Dixie Chicks and Pussy Riot.

Caeli Waldron

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Art vs. Power

American, country music
Accidentally political
Punishment largely in the form of loss of capital
Free Speech is Presumed
Little religious context
All-female music group who publicly challenged male power
Experienced harsh, gendered backlash: women aren't supposed to speak out
Both groups comprised of mothers: affects cultural perception
Public opinion of both groups strongly affected by media
Feminist Protest in the Dixie Chicks and Pussy Riot
Moscow, Russia
Dallas, Texas
Political Landscape
Country Music and Conservative Politics
Dixie Chicks
Political Landscape
Cathedral of Christ the Savior
Pussy Riot
October 2011-Present Day
Formed in October 2011
A politically-charged punk rock feminist art/activist performance group that promotes equality, anti-government/church/capitalist oligarch control, and lgbtq rights
Consists of more than ten anonymous women, but members are constantly growing
Use peaceful protest by occupying public spaces
Nadia and Katia were active in the anarchist group Voina, which stages radical anti-Putin demonstrations
Vladimir Putin
February 21, 2012 - Christ the Savior Cathedral
Performance of "Punk Prayer: Holy Mary, Drive Putin Away"
Formed as bluegrass/country band by sisters Martie and Emily in 1990
Added lead singer Natalie Maines in 1998
Released first major album Wide Open Spaces
-quadruple platinum, best selling group album in country music history
-highest selling female group in any genre
Went on global tour in 2003 :"Top of the World Tour" to promote album
2003 #1 Single on Country Radio: "Travelin' Soldier"

Pussy Riot
Dixie Chicks
Physical Representation
"Women are presented as defenseless, accepting their subordination. In these ways, femininity becomes defined as submissive, powerless, and dependent, reinforcing larger cultural definitions and stereotypes."
-Gender Codes (Erving Goffman, Sut Jhally)
Patriarchal Control of the Media
Witch Hunt: Controlling Women's Behavior
Gender Roles and the Family
Media Power Theory
Audience Power Theory
How does gender affect what you watch? (Pg. 431)
Dixie Chicks Radio and TV ban and subsequent "trashing" said to be a reflection of audience wishes
Could argue media figures and outlets like Bill O'Reilly, Radio DJ's, and Toby Keith shaped audience perception of Dixie Chicks
Media portrayal of Pussy Riot as "Anti-nationalist" or "demon-possessed" may be fueled by public opinion
Protestors and public backlash against Pussy Riot heavily influenced by Patriarch Kirill and Putin's state controlled media
"...the public realm belongs to him, and you are there by his permission as long as you follow his rules and as long as you remember your place."
The Masculine Self: Men at Work, Chapter 10 (Page 199)
"Shut up and Sing" - women shouldn't voice their opinions
"American women still do 70-80% of the childrearing (Williams 2001)" The Maternal Wall
"There have always been witches who wouldn't repent."
"Several weeks went by before Alyokhina was allowed to see her family in pretrial detention. To add to her anguish, investigators in charge of her case repeatedly threatened to take Filipp away and place him in an orphanage."
Russian, Punk rock music
Intentionally political
Punishment largely criminal
Free speech is not presumed
Important religious context
Religion as Nationalism
Feminist Protest in the Dixie Chicks and Pussy Riot
George W. Bush (R-TX)
43rd President of the United States 2000-2009
46th Governor of Texas- 1995-2000
Iraq War: Weapons of Mass Destruction
Invasion of Iraq: March 2003
Toppling of Saddam Hussein: April 2003

George Wallace: Alabama Governor, Presidential Candidate
Richard Nixon: 37th United States President
"Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to shape it." -- Bertolt Brecht
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