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Jamie Rodgers

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN all people are Muslims
secound largest world religion and growing
three-fourths are sUNNITES of Hanafi branch
based upon the belief that God(Allah) transmitted knowledge to Muhammad
"Islam" means submission or surrender of one's will to the only true God
followers believe that this revelation to humanity was written down in Quran
About the size of Texas.
Kabul (capital city)
Bordered by turkmenistan, uzbekistan, tajikistan (north), china (east) and pakistan, iran (south west) Languages pashtu (afghan persian) dari (afghan farsi) Food Mahi (new years)
Sheer yakh (afghan ice cream)
Before The Taliban Women..... Under the Taliban women.... Today women.... Culture Religion Conflict Women's Education Government Taliban
Taliban- Aimed towards education
Impossible to build schools
No girls allowed to go to school

Example- Harrowing Choice Statistics Cost of 1 additional soldier could build 20 schools
Cost of 40,000 troops could get everybody a Ph.D
Primary repetition rate in 2005
Primary completion rate 2005
School life expectancy (years), 2005

qaabuli pallow (special guests/occasions) letee (new mothers) dogh (hot summer's day) Music instruments: daira Took control until 2001 (that the US knows of.)
Taliban-linked fighters and coalition forves increased in the first half of 2008 and continued into 2009. Women had to wear head-to-toe veils. Television was banned. Men who had short beards went to jail. December 2008, Taliban had control over as many as 10,000 fighters.
3,000 fighters were full-time insurgents.
Number increased in June 2008 when a suicide bomber freed 400 Taliban members from the Kandahar prison.
Taliban's main supporters were Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
US official accused Iran of helping the Taliban by supplying militants iwth Iranian-made weapons including deadly road side bombs that have killed a disproportionate number of American service members.
July 2009, Newsweek reported that Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, a top Taliban commadner, has essentially assumed overall commad of Taliban operations in Afghanistan.

The President: Hamid Karzai 2 Vice Presidents

First Vice: Mohammad Fahim Khan Second Vice: Abdul Karim Khalili Karzai said he will "join the Taliban should the international community put pressure on him." US is questioning:

Friend or Foe? Friend of the Taliban commander first to kidnap 3 UN workers in Kabul in 2004 says that he has been secretly pardoned by President Karzai.
2009 was perceived as the most sucessful year for the Taliban because of the governments anger which has been seen as corrupt and inefficient.
Karzai admitted that there was fraud in his presidential and provincial council elections in August of 2009.
Karzai amended the electoral law giving himself the power to appoint all five commissioners at the electoral complaints commission.
sarani surnai tula zerbagali clothing chapan woman's dress lungee pakol money afghani flogging 40% doctors in kabul
50% in government workforce
60% teachers at Kabul University
50% students at Kabul university
70% school Teachers Could not leave home
Girls (no school)
Covered from head to toe (Burqa)
If they had loud shoes
Nail polish
beatings/ killings Some Rights
Danger in school
Safe House (Husband/sons)
Talking about womens rights
Learning to make and sell things
Under the control of husbands/sons
beating/trafficking Women Overview US military involved since 2001 (9/11)
Al Qaeda given "safe haven" by Taliban
2001 Attack succeded in disloding Al Qaeda and the Taliban
Taliban has made steady increase since
Karzai says that Afghanistan won't be able to pay for own security until 2024. Soviet Invasion 1800's
Russia VS Britain for Afghanistan Territory was called the "Great Game"
December 27 Troops into Kabul to help communist leader Babrak Karmal take over.
Taliban stayed for more than 9 years (15,000 lives)
Left in Feb 1989 Taliban Takeover 1994
Anarchy-Competing warlords
Student movement to purify the country of westernized habits and traditions.
By the end of 1994 there were 12,000 followers
Pakistan funneled in weapons, money, supplies, and military advisors.
Banned movies and music
Forced women out of schools and into burqas.
Taliban sheltered Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.
Destroyed 800 year old buddha statues at Bamiyan. Post 9/11 President Bush gave ultimatum to hand over Bin Laden
They refused.
Bush allied with rebel groups that didn't accept Taliban rule. (Northern Alleigance)
Drove Taliban out of major cities and into Tora Bora Taliban Resurgence Never really went away.
Military focus switched to Iraq, Taliban regrouped.
Rise assisted by opium trade
Too much insurgency, Turned land over to the Taliban leaders.
Taliban spilled into Pakistan Obama's Plan Fight the rising powers of the Taliban by overwhelming their efforts with troops. Questions: Do you think that the Taliban opinion on westernization was correct?
Do you think that the Afghan Government will ever be stable?
If you were from Afghanistan, would you think that the women should have more "say" in their education?
Do you think that President Bush was right in attacking Afghanistan?
Do you think that Obama is doing the best thing for our country by sending more troops into Afghanistan?
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