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AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha Symbol Presentation

This is so that the AKA Pledges can know there symbols

JiGzz Franchise

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha Symbol Presentation

And their meanings The Symbols Of AKA Thee Pearl Necklace The Pearl Necklace represent our foundation, our founders and incorporates because without them, we would not exist. They set the standard...we keep it alive. Upon Initiation into the sorority, new members receive a necklace with 20 pearls. Sixteen of the pearls represent the founders and four of the pearls represent the ladies who incorporated the sorority.
The Mirror It is often misconceived as an item of vanity. However in truth for ladies of AKA. We look into a mirror not to look upon our vanity, but because when we look to a mirror in our reflection we seek to see all the virtues that represent a lady of AKA.
THE GREEN GOLD ENALMED IVY LEAF The ivy Leaf signifies strong and lasting friendship. This association is derived from its ability to stay attached to a rocky surface in even the most inhospitable conditions. Women of Alpha Kappa Alpha exude strength and endurance like the green ivy leaf.
Pink Tea Rose Women of AKA are like the pink teas rose unfolding in shadows of green and pink and represent a woman of serene nature Ladies these are the symbols of AKA and the definitions as set forth forth by our chapter
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