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2013-14 LAS Promotion

No description

Kayla Phillips

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of 2013-14 LAS Promotion

take the
Central Michigan University
Leader Advancement Scholarship
Awarded to 40 High School Seniors
$8,000 Scholarship
$2,000 / Academic Year
Leader Advancement Scholars
With a 3.0 and 21 ACT score
can receive a combined scholarship
package of
$20,000 to $32,000
Four-Year Cohort Program
Lifelong Leadership Skills
Join 39 Other Individuals and Complete
Specified Protocol Together as a Cohort
Minor in Leadership
About the Leadership Institute
Director of the LI
Dan Gaken
Gain professional development from campus leaders through workshops and conferences
One-on-one mentorship program
Leadership Position
on a CMU Committee
LAS Mentoring Retreat
Freshman and Sophomore LAS Cohorts - 2013
"I don't know what I would do without the LAS program. It's an amazing experience that you'll learn and grow from while making friendships that will last a lifetime!"

-Katie Rae, Freshman
How to Apply:
To be eligible for the
Leadership Advancement Scholarship
you must:
3.0 High School GPA
Have Applied to CMU

Lifelong Friendships
Complete your LAS application online at:
by January 31, 2014
Assistant Director of the LI
Jesi Parker
Administrative Secretary
Caity Sweet
"Coming to college can be really intimidating, but knowing I was coming to Central automatically having a group of 40 people as a support system made it so much easier. The opportunities set us apart and gives us a great, unique college experience."
-Courtney Overbey, Junior
"Each mentor-mentee pairing has a different type of relationship, but no matter what, freshman year you know you have someone there to help you with the transition. My mentor and mentee are my best friends. I don't know where I would be without either of them and every day I am thankful for LAS for bringing us together!"

-Kayla Phillips, Sophomore

Eagle Village
Mentor/Mentee Retreat
Alpha Leadership
Discover your leadership style
Make new relationships
Enhance your leadership skills
Connections at Great Wolf Lodge
A group of 39 other incoming
freshmen also apart of the LAS.
Reside with your Cohort in Barnes Hall
(the Leadership Resident Hall)
What is a Cohort?
Take classes with your cohort and build your leadership skills.

"LAS has provided me with so many opportunities to grow as a leader. I learned a lot through the classes and programs. Then learned even more through actual leadership roles on campus."
-Keralyn Totten, Senior
Protocol Requirements
Special Olympics
Habitat 4 Humanity
Relay for Life
Leadership Workshops
Hands-On Opportunities
Inside and Outside the Classroom
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