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CJ 374

Gretchen Bachmeier

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of WWF

WWF Strategic Analysis Campaign Primary Message Secondary Message Timeline Strategy: Print Media Strategy:
Event Series Strategy
Social Media Campaign Key Publics SMART To help pass a global treaty outlining the capping of emissions by 2015 Specific- to facilitate a connection between our publics and environmental issues in order to ensure the passing of the 2015 treaty

Measurable- whether or not the treaty passes

Attainable- necessary step towards environmental responsibility. Powerful leaders are involved in this issue

Relevant- global initiative

Timely- 2015 US politicians
United Nations
Global Audience
Students Youtube
Instagram National Geographic photojournalistic series
Posters on college campuses
Key Publics: diverse ethnicities, pictures from around the globe
Message: apply pressure, connect people with global warming Benefit/petition signing concert with popular musical artists who support treaty
Keynote speakers
Peaceful protest
Key publics: Global audience, UN/ US Politicians
Message: inspire people to sign petitions and throw support behind treaty Climate change is something YOU can help control. Pass the emissions treaty in 2015! 1. "Superstorms" like hurricane sandy will become the norm
2. We can't affort to leave a broken planet to our children
3. The planet is not just our home- think of the animals
4. We did this- now we have to fix it Between January 2013- December 2015

Start social media: January 2013
Start print media: September 2014
Start events: January 2015 Goal and Objective Measurable Social Media: likes, hits, posts, "talking about", views

Print Media: subscriptions/purchases of magazines, increase in social media in 2014

Events: attendance/signatures SWOT Analysis of WWF Strengths: general positive feeling towards the org (no one really has strong negative feelings toward a healthy environment)
-political spotlight recently due to Obama's reelection and environmental talks (UN)

Weaknesses: people feel disconnected from issues like climate change and wildlife protection, especially here in the US. Poaching and greenhouse gas emissions are not household issues (usually)

Opportunity: UN climate control talks and other environmental issues being the public and political spotlight provides a good opportunity for WWF to make a significant impact towards their cause

Threat: people feeling so disconnected that they just dismiss the organizations missions
if a publicized campaign fails people won't take them seriously (tree-hugger mentality)
politicians answer to corporations who have a vested interest in practices that aren't sustainable About WWF
World Wildlife Fund for Nature WWF is one of the world's largest conservation organizations.

The central secretariat for the network - called WWF International - is now located in Gland, Switzerland (organizational structure)

The organization has offices in more than 80 countries around the world.

It employs around 2,500 full time staff
...and values the support of more than 5 million people. World Wildlife Fund for Nature Twin goals: Conserving biodiversity (conservation of species)

Decreasing humanity's impact on the environment Spokespeople -Terry Macko (VP of comm)
-Carter Roberts (CEO) Key Public: global audience, directed at politicians with pressure to pass treaty politicians have opportunity to endorse.
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