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John Kogut-Innocence Project

Christian Molina Forensics Project

Christian Molina-Mendez

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of John Kogut-Innocence Project

Project Biography Conviction Exoneration Compensation Incident Date: 11/10/84
Jurisdiction: NY
Charge: Murder, Rape
Conviction: Murder, Rape
Sentence: 31.5 Years
Year of Conviction: 1986
Exoneration Date: 12/21/05
Sentence Served: 17 Years
Real perpetrator found? Not Yet
Contributing Causes: False Confessions / Admissions, Informants, Unvalidated or Improper Forensic Science
Compensation? Not Yet In 1984, a 16-year old girl disappeared after leaving her job at the roller rink on November, 10th. On December 5th, the victims body was found in the woods in Lynbrook, New York not to far from where the young girl worked. The NYPD under a huge amount of pressure to solve is crime convitcted an innocent man named John Kogut. Kogut along with two other men Restivo and Halstead were convicted with rape and murder. Kogut was sentence to 31.5 years in the New York state prison. Misuse Of Evidence Based on Kogut’s confession, Restivo’s van was searched, and several hairs were recovered from the passenger seat and tested in a forensic lab. during his trial the prosecutor said that the hairs that they found were similar to john koguts hair. Mr. Kogut was behind bar for 10 years before the innocence project took his case in 1994. 7 years later In 2003 police discovered a new peace of evidence a vaginal swab that wasn't tested on and took a sample of spermatozoa from all three men and led to exclude all three men from the case. In 2003 after a three month bench trial. john kogut was found not guilty on all counts of rape and murder by judge ort and was released. After being wrongly imprisoned for 17 years Mr. Kogut along with the other two men did not receive and compensation. The real perpetrator has yet to be found
and there no available status. Citations:
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