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No description

Cindy Nguyen

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of RICE

Cindy Nguyen
Admissions Requirement
Student Budget (2013-2014)
Houston, Texas
Private 4Yr. Institution
16 college preparatory credits minimum of:
4 years of English
3 years of math
2 years of the same foreign language
2 years of social studies
2 years of laboratory science (excluding physical science)
3 additional years of college preparatory courses of the student’s choosing.
Standardized Testing
High School Curriculum Requirements
Common Application
College Information
Dorm Living
School Supplies
Common Application Writing Supplement
SAT & Subject Tests (2) or ACT+Writing test
No minimum, highest scores
Tuition: $38,260
Room/Board: $13,000
Fees: $681
Books and Supplies: $800
Personal Expenses: $1,550
TOTAL: $54,291

School of Architecture
Architectural Studies
George R. Brown School of Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Materials Science
Computational and Applied Mathematics Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science Statistics
School of Humanities
Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations Linguistics
Art History Medieval Studies
Asian Studies Philosophy
Classical Studies Religious Studies
English Spanish and Portuguese
French Studies Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality
German Studies Visual and Dramatic Arts
Latin American Studies
The Shepherd School of Music
Composition Music Theory
Music History Performance
Wiess School of Natural Sciences
Astronomy Earth Science (Geology/Geophysics)
Astrophysics Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Biological Sciences Environmental Studies
Biochemistry and Cell Biology Kinesiology
Chemical Physics
Chemistry Physics
School of Social Sciences

Policy Studies
Cognitive Science
Political Science
Managerial Studies
Mathematical Economic Analysis
Sport Management
Founded in 1912
Sammy the Owl
In 1912, Rice's first president, Edgar Odell Lovett, chose as the school colors "a blue still deeper than the Oxford blue" and "the Confederate gray, enlivened by a tinge of lavender." It has been suggested that blue and gray were chosen in recognition of the fact that Rice's founder amassed much of the fortune that formed the initial endowment of the Rice Institute by trading with both the North and the South during the Civil War.
In 1917, when students from Southwest Conference football rival Texas A&M kidnapped the owl, Rice students pooled their resources and hired a private detective to go to College Station to find the missing mascot.
Alma Mater: Rice's Honor
"All for Rice's Honor, we will fight on.
We will be fighting when this day is done.
And when the dawn comes breaking,
We'll be fighting on, Rice, for the Gray and Blue.
We will be loyal, to Rice be true."
African Studies
Financial Computation and Modeling
Global Health Technologies
Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Jewish Studies
Computational and Applied Mathematics
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Poverty, Justice and Human Capabilities
Energy and Water Sustainability
#1 for best quality of life
#2 for happiest students

-Princeton Review
Everyday Needs
Grand Total: $61,012.99

Rice Village Apts.
Rice Graduates Apt.
Morningside Square Apt.
Blanket: $19.99 (x2=$39.98)
Picture: $49.99 (x1=$49.99)
Curtains: $19.99 (x1=$19.99)
Bookcase: $109.99
Rug: $39.99
Clothes Hanger: $4.99 (x1=$4.99)
Chair: $49.99
Footstool Cushion: $9.00 (x1=$9.00)
Alarm Clock: $0.99 (x1=$0.99)
Trash Basket: $24.99
Wall Clock: $14.99 (x1=$14.99)
Microwave Oven: $249.99 (x1=$249.99)
Table lamp: $7.99 (x1=$7.99)
Pendant Lamp Shade: $4.99 (x1=$4.99)
Laundry bag: $4.99 (x1=$4.99)
Guest Towel: $0.49 (x10=$4.90)
Pillow: $1.99 (x4=$7.96)
Sheet Set
(pillowcases included):
$19.99 (x3=$59.97)
Comforter: $9.99 (x2=$19.98)
Total: $1,123.60
19" LED HDTV: $199.99
Books: $800.00
Air Force Science
Naval Science
Applied Physics Program
Neurosciences Program
Leadership Rice
Writing and Commucation
Military Science
Interdisciplinary Programs
Soft toy: $4.99
Ironing board: $4.99
Desk Organizer: $9.99 (x1=$9.99)
Storage rack for
writing materials:
$12.99 (x1=$12.99)
Desk Organizer: $5.99
Iron: $19.95 (x1=$19.95)
Macbook Pro 13": From home
Ink Refill 3ct: $39.99 (x2)
Printer: From home
Filler paper: $7.97 (5x=$38.35)
Printer paper: $4.74 (3x=$14.22)
Ballpoint pens 8ct: $9.88 (2x=$19.76)
2"Binder 4pk: $16.96 (1x)
USB Drive 16GB: $10.29 (1x=$10.29)
Stapler: $8.02
Tape 12pk:$12.47 (1x=$12.47)
Calculator: From Home
Highlighters:$8.88 (2x=$17.76)
Index cards 100ct: $0.88
Backpack: $45.99 (x1=$45.99)
Post-it Sticky Notes 5 Pads: $8.99 (x1=$8.99)
Erasers 3/Pack: $5.29)
Mechanical Pencils
.7mm 2/pack:
$5.94 (x3=$17.82)
AAA Batteries: $2.79 (x2=$5.58)
Surge protector: $39.99 (x1=$39.99)
Permanent Markers: $4.99 (x1=$4.99)
Spiral 3 subj: $5.99 (x4=$17.97)
Gym bag: $50.99 (1x)
Laundry Detergent 100oz: $11.99 (x2=$23.98)
16Pc. Dinnerware Set: $29.99 (x1)
Razor:$8.59 (x3=$25.77)
Pads: $4.99 (x4=$19.96)
Deodorant 2pk: $4.29 (x2=$8.58)
Toothbrush 2pk: $5.99 (x3=$17.97)
Makeup Remover:
$5.99 (x2=$11.98)
Mascara: $6.59
Eyeliner: $4.99 (x2=$9.98)
Curling Iron: $5.99 (x1)
Makeup Palette: $25.00 (x1)
Tweezer: $5.99 (x1)
10pc Brush Set: $29.99 (x1)
Perfume: $29.99 (x1)
Bobby Pins 50ct: $3.99 (x1)
Elastics 40ct: $2.50(x1)
Lip Balm 4pk: $10.99 (x1)
Dove Gift Pack
(bar, shampoo, conditioner):$9.99 (x2= $19.98)
Toothpaste: $1.48 (x3=$4.44)
Body Wash 2Pk: $6.89 (x2=$13.78)
Flatware: $19.99 (x1)
12pk Drinkware Set: $15.99 (x1)
Floss: $1.98 (x3=$5.94)
Mouthwash: $2.99 (x2=$5.98)
Coffee Filters 200pc: $1.99 (x1)
Coffee Maker: $18.49 (x1)
Makeup Palette: $10.99 (x1)
Total: $370.41
T-Mobile Cellphone Plan: $70/month (x9=$630)
Haircut: $20/visit (x3=$60)
Brow Waxing:
$10/visit (x3=$30)
Netflix: $12/month (x9=$108)
Metro: Free for students
PS3: From Home
Movies: $10/ticket (x10=$100)
Eating out: $555
Car: From Home
Parking Permit:
Museum passes: Free
Art supplies: $115
Car Insurance:
$250/mo. (x9=$2,250)
Walking: Free
Picture Frames: $14.99 (x1=$14.99)
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