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Harry Potter Patronus charm

No description

ellen andrew.soffe

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Harry Potter Patronus charm

A patronus is a spell that is made by happy memories, (for Harry in the 5th book it is imagining Professor Umbridge leaving) also every patronus has something to do with the person who conjures it . For example Tonks's patronus takes the form of a werewolf because of her love for Lupin. It also protects you from dementors and lethifolds.
What are some Witches/ Wizards patronuses?
Harry: stag Professor McGonagall: cat with glasses
Hermione: otter Umbridge: cat
Ron: terrier Abaforth Dumbledore: goat
Ginny: Horse Seamus Finigan: fox
Luna: Hare Ernie Macmillan: wild boar
Dumbledore: phoenix
Snape: doe
Lilly Potter: doe
James Potter: stag
Mr Weasly: weasle
Kingsly Shacklebolt: Lynx
Cho: swan
Tonks: werewolf

Incantation: Expecto Patronum
(ex-PEK-toh pa-TRO-num)

Type: Charm

Hand Movement: Circle

Light: Silver

Effect: Conjures a spirit guardian

Your patronus is usally your animagus
Harry/ James Potters
Luna conjuring hers
LOADS of patronesus
The Lethifold (also known as a Living Shroud) is flesh eating and highly dangerous magical creature. It is also considered a Dark creature because of its aggresive and violent nature.
What is a Lethifold?
Physical Description:
Its appearance resembles that of a black cloak roughly half an inch thick, although it gets thicker if the Lethifold has recently digested a victim. It glides along the ground and other surfaces in an unknown form of movement, in search of its prey, humans. It attacks its prey at night, when the target is asleep, and suffocates and digests it in its bed.
The only form of protection against a Lethifold is a Patronus, similarly to a Dementor. Other spells such as the Stunning Spell will not work.
The Lethifold is a very rare species, and can only be found in the tropics.
Lethifold attacks:
The first recorded survivor of a Lethifold attack was a wizard named Flavius Belby. Belby was on holiday in Papua New Guinea, and he managed to escape because he was not fully asleep at the time. He repelled the Lethifold with a Patronus Charm, something other people are unable to do because they are either asleep or Muggles (or both). It is impossible to determine the number of Lethifold victims, as they leave no clues to their presence.
Much easier to calculate is how many people have faked a Lethifold attack, for their own reasons. One known case of an individual attempting to fake a Lethifold attack was Janus Thickey, who disappeared in 1973, leaving behind a note reading "Oh no, a Lethifold's got me, I'm suffocating". Because of this and his empty bed, Thickey's wife and children began mourning him. However, he was soon discovered living five miles away with the landlady of the Green Dragon.
Extra info:
It is possible that the Lethifold could be a mixed between a dementor or a or a relative of the Dementor, for their similar descriptions, inhumane behaviors, and vulnerability to the Patronus Charm. If that is true, then a Lethifold is a Non-being, an amortal creature that has never been alive to begin with to die and cannot truly be killed.

Species information:
Related to Dementor (possibly)
Native range: Tropical region
Different names: Living Shroud
Distinction(s): Wraith-like appearance
Taste for human flesh
Ministry of Magic Classification:
What is a Dementor?
The Dementors served the Ministry of Magic as the guards of Azkaban, as it allowed them to feed on the emotions of the prisoners. However, by July 1996, all of the Dementors of Azkaban staged a mass revolt against their employers to join Lord Voldemort, who offered them more victims. This aided the 1996 and 1997 escapes of Death Eaters from Azkaban.
Species information
Sentience: Sentient to an unknown degree
Eye colour: None
Skin colour: Grey and scabby
Hair colour: None
Related to: Lethifold (possibly)
Native range: Azkaban
Height of average adult: 3 metres
Distinction(s): Perform the Dementor's Kiss
Hover above the ground
Change the atmosphere negatively
Alliences with:
Ministry of Magic
Death Eaters
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (briefly)
A Dementor is a non-being and Dark creature, considered one of the foulest to inhabit the world. Dementors feed off human happiness, and result in causeing depression and despair to anyone near them. They can also consume a person's soul, leaving their victims in a permanent vegetative state, and thus are often referred to as "soul-sucking fiends" and are known to leave a person as an "empty-shell."
There are certain defenses one can use against Dementors, specifically the Patronus Charm. Dementors hold no true loyalty, except to whoever can provide them with the most people to feed off. They cannot be destroyed, though their numbers can be limited if the conditions in which they multiply are reduced, implying that they do die off eventually
Dementors have a humanoid shape, approximately three metres, or 10 feet high, and are covered in dark hooded cloaks of long, ripped black cloth, making them closely resemble wraiths. Its body is greyed and decayed looking, like a decomposing corpse, and its breath sounds rattling, like it is trying to "suck more than air" out of a room. Its hands are "glistening, greyish, slimy-looking, and scabbed". They seem to emite cold.
A Dementor's face consists of empty eye sockets, covered with scabby skin. There is also a large hole where the mouth should be, which is used for sucking the soul out of the victim in a process called the Dementor's Kiss, leaving victims in a state usally considered worse than death. The Dementor pulls back its hood and sucks out his or her soul, leaving the person an empty shell, alive but completely, irretrievably "gone." Unlike other creatures, who move through some means of physical support, Dementors are able to fly freely.
Dementors are also known to be blind, as they do not have any eyes. However, they have the ability to sense whether a presence is near them or not. This is because they sense the victim's emotions.
In addition to feeding on positive emotions, Dementors can perform their last and most dangerous ability: the Dementor's Kiss, in which a Dementor latches its mouth onto a victim's and sucks out the person's soul. The victim is left as an empty shell, incapable of thought and with no possibility of recovery. It is believed that existing after a Dementor's Kiss is worse than death: as a person's soul is their true self, to be "kissed" by a Dementor is to cease to exist, and yet also remain.
Lethifold attack
Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them... Get too near a Dementor and every good feeling, every happy memory will be sucked out of you. If it can, the Dementor will feed on you long enough to reduce you to something like itself...soulless and evil. You will be left with nothing but the worst experiences of your life.
Remus Lupin Harry Potter and the prisnor of Azkaban
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