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Polygons in the real world

No description

myiesha stewart

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Polygons in the real world

Polygons in the real world Real life Octagon Rectangle This 4 sided plane represents
a rectangle. All four sides are straight. Scalene Triangle This triangle leg on this
shelter is a scalene
triangle. All sides of this
triangle are different
sides, just like a scalene triangle. Myiesha Stewart 6th period This 8 sided figure in the ceiling represents the 8 sides that an octagon has. And all are angles Trapezoid The window on the back of this truck has only one pair of parallel lines. This quaddrilateral is a known as a trapeziod. Square Cube The delicious chocolate that's being held in this box, is a cube. It's a solid symmetrical 3-dimensional shape. Cone This icecream cone has a circular base to a point, just like any other regular cone. Hexagon The tiles you see on the ground, are hexagons.
A hexagon is a plane with six straight sides and angles, just like what you see in the picture. Triangle The figures you see on the two buildings, represents a plane with three straight sides and angles, known as a triangle. Pentagon The black tiles on this soccer ball, represents a pentagon. A pentagon which is a plane figure, with 5 straight sides and angles. This rice krispies containts
four right angles and sides,
just like a regular square does. Rhombus The object connected to make
these earings, are opposite acute
and obtuse angles, which makes
it a rhombus. All sides are equal,
just like a rhombus. Kite This kite has two pairs of adjacent sides that are
congruent, just like any other regular kite. Parallelogram The two shapes in this window sill represents parallelograms. They both are a four-sided plane rectilinear figure whose opposite sides parallel. Quadrilateral This sign you see, is a four sided figure that all four sides are straight, and equal. Hexagonal Prism As you can see the block, from Jengo has
2 hexagonal bases, and 6 rectangular sides, this is known as a hexagonal prism. Cylinder The circular section you see on this candle, is a solid geometric figure with straight parallel sides. This candle corresponds to a cylinder
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