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carbon oxygen cycle

No description

audley camo

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of carbon oxygen cycle

carbon oxygen cycle
The maple tree leaves die off the trees when the seasons change.the leaves change colors as the seasons change. In the winter solstice the leaves fall off. this is because of the photosynthesis that takes place in my biome. the plants absorb the suns energy to help them change colors and provide food for the tree.
Decombustion with in my biome happens when the fungus or mushrooms at the floor of my biome absorb nutrients from dead orginisms.the nutrients of dead organisms such as trees that died and falls to the ground. when they fall to the ground that's when the fungus and mushrooms break down the tree.
in the temerate deciduous forest when fires happen it burns the chemicals and the houses and the GROUND AND EVERYTHING AND THE ANIMAL POPULATION WILL GO DOWN.
in the temperate decidous forest the white tailed deer goes through a process called cellular respiration. the cellular respiration happens when we breath in the oxygen that the plants provide and we exhale the waist carbon dioxide that we have in are body.
cellular respiration6
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