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The Kill Order Presentation

A book report

Matt Robinson

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of The Kill Order Presentation

The Kill Order Book by James Dashner Book Report by Matt Robinson Characters Protagonists

~Post-Flares-Coalition (PFC)
~Insane people Mark is the main character. He is a "who cares" kind of guy who loves life. Trina was a girl Mark always had a crush on his whole life, but the main thing that brought them together were the sun flares that ended life as they knew it. Alec is a retired soldier who helped Mark, Trina, Lana and others survive the Sun flares and the radiation, death, and disaster that followed. Lana is a friend of Alec who was an army nurse and is all business. Conflict Character vs. Society The conflict is character vs. society because Mark, Trina, Alec and Lana are trying to find a cure for a virus, but people who have it and have gone insane from it and the people who released it want them dead. Exposition Mark is a teenage boy who lives in a post-apocalyptic world in a small village with several others, after sun flares struck the Earth. There are many other civilizations in a tight knit group, most of them in the mountains like theirs, that includes their own village in the bunch, but it is one of the smallest among the group. Trina, Alec, and Lana are a few others that he lives in the village with. He's always had a little crush on Trina, a teenage girl his age. Rising Action A Berg, which is a flying machine, shows up at The village and people in strange green suits shoot a lot of the population with darts. The people that are shot are knocked out immediately.Mark and Alec use grappling hooks that Alec kept from his army years to board the ship to find out what's going on. Mark almost fails, but makes it. Rising Action 2 Mark and Alec end up in the berg's cargo room after using grappling hooks to get in and Mark finds the darts the green suited people were using. The container's label read:

Virus VC321xb47
Highly Contagious
24 Darts, Extreme Caution

They continued to the cockpit where the pilot crashes the berg and knocks Mark unconscious. He wakes up to find that Alec dragged him out and they go search the Berg for anything remaining. Mark finds a workpad, which belongs to one of the people there, and checks the GPS. it reveals where it came from and Mark and Alec decided they should go by their village then head to that area. Rising Action 3 Mark and Alec trek back to their village to find everyone is either dead from disease or hiding in the cabins so they don't get sick. They find Trina and she leads the two to a cabin nailed shut. inside, one of Marks other friends, Darnell is screaming "My head" repeatedly until he slams his head on the walls until he dies. The find Two other friend, Toad and Misty, and set off for the area they found on the workpad. While grabbing supplies Misty says her head hurts, which is the main symptom of the disease, so the leave her there, but Toad stays to comfort her in her final moments. So Mark, Trina, Alec, and Lana set off to find what's going on. That night, Toad shows up, obviously sick. He claims it was the happiest moment in his life having her die in his arms. He then insanely tries to kill them, but Alec grabs him, carries him to a stream, and kills him, and washes off so he doesn't get sick. The next day, they carry on and find an abandoned village. Rising Action 4 In the abandoned village, they find a young girl, like 7 years old, all alone and she said that the people of their village were shot by the darts too, but 2 months earlier. Even stranger is, she was shot by one of the darts, as well as much of the others, but she's alive and sane. the other people of the village thought she was a demon as she wasn't infected. they take her in, but only because Trina felt sympathy for her. She said her name was Deedee too.That night at their camp they heard voices. Chanting voices. Mark and Alec set off to see what it is. They arrive at the source to find insane people chanting around a bonfire. While spying from behind trees, they are found, and ask about Deedee, but the woman who found them, presumably their leader, says she is a demon and summoned the darts and disease that followed. Because Mark and Alec questioned them and didn't favor their decision, they were tied up, and carried downhill towards the fire. Climax Of course they struggled to break free of the insane people's restraints,but they were punched the men carrying them. They set the two down in front of the fire and Alec tries to fight back, and is proceeded to be beaten up by the men, and Mark is punished too. the beating is broken up by one ominous "Stop." The one who spoke the simple yet effective command was a man who walks into the scene who had a horribly scarred face and lacked both hair and ears. His name was Jedidiah, but he forced Alec and Mark to call him Jed, "because he was their friend". After a brief discussion about the villagers leaving a young girl to die, Jed starts bleeding and says the demons have killed him and falls limply and lifeless. The other tribes, having gone insane from the very disease, sees this as an opportunity to attack and did so. In this maniac battle, Mark and Alec break their restraints, which were only ropes, and made it out of the quarrel, but still having to fight to get out. And just when you think it's over, there's a forest fire lit in their path! So, they run around the immense field of flames and arrive at the camp, but only to find there's no one there. They think the PFC caught them, so they continue to their destination. And it's sunrise by the time they reach it. Seriously. Look at that title
again. There's gonna be
death in this book. A order
to kill. It is just hinting
a lot of killing by orders. Resolution All of them are sick except for Deedee, and they give Deedee to the part of the organization that hasn't gone insane and are looking for a cure, and then, to stop the insane people to getting to the others, Alec crashes a stolen berg into the flat trans that Deedee went through, a sort of portal, killing all outside of the flat trans and the insane people, while leading to Mark, Trina, and Alec demise in the process. Lana was already dead too. So Deedee was safe and helped the PFC to find a cure. Yeah, it's a sad ending, but here are cute kittens to cheer you up!
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