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Japanese Weapons

No description

Ben Stilz

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Japanese Weapons

What were the more old and traditional
weapons like? Japanese Weapons By: Ben Stilz The traditional weapons were mostly swords and smaller knives. This helps me to conclude that the much ancient weapons were, though more primitive, probably still mostly knives and swords. The Japanese tend to cover most if not alll of their knives and swords. They cover them with a smooth and soft leather like material. How were the weapons modernized? After a few hundred years the Japanese had
constructed a few rifles. Most of the early
rifles were bolt action. Though they had some advantages over knives, they took a while to reload.Much later the weapons were modernized a gain to the stainless steel barels we use in combat to day. What are the modern weapons like? The modern weapons of Japan are mostly like the modern weapons anywhere. As mentiond earlier the weapons have stainless steel barrels.
The bullets also were upgraded to a larger size.
The bullets also got much more durable, thus making them more effective for war.
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