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Butterfly Boy

No description

Breanna Hubbert

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Butterfly Boy

Butterfly Boy
Rigoberto Gonzalez

Narrator- main character; Hispanic male and gay
Alex- brother of narrator; supportive
Grandparents- father's parents; loving, caring, and supportive
Father- dad of narrator and Alex; angry
Mother- mom of the narrator and Alex; loving and deceased
Theme 1:
Cherish the people in your life, because they won't be around forever.
Theme 2:
"Except me for who I am, or don't except me at all!"
Hispanic Culture:
Roman Catholic
Spanish is the official language
Value friendship, humor, hard work, personal honor, and honesty
They usually eat four meals a day.
They love spicy foods, and eat it mostly with tortillas.
Presented By:
Breanna Hubbert

We meet the narrator and his lover.
We discover what the "butterflies" are.
They have hot, passionate, sweaty sex.
We found out that the narrator, and his lover are both guys.
They move in with each other.
The narrator is still in college.
The lover works and pays all of the bills.
They believe they are so in love.
Plot Quote:
"I will never leave him"(Gonzalez 3).
Plot 2:
Plot 1:
Plot 3:
Everything was going well for them, but the lover was becoming very controlling.
They got into a big argument.
The narrator and lover realized they needed to take a break.
The narrator began to pack his belongings.
Plot 4:
He moved out of his lover's house.
We then found out that the narrator still had a dorm back on the college campus.
He then took a short walk from his lover's apartment back to his dorm.
The lover and narrator were both very heartbroken, and were unsure of what to do now.
Plot 5:
We discovered the narrator had many family issues.
This is when we then found out that his mother passed away eight years ago.
The narrator never really visited with his family.
It was then shown that the narrator and his brother Alex were very close.
Plot 6:
The narrator decided to take a trip.
His plan was to go visit his grandparents.
They lived in Mexicali, Baja California, Norte.
The narrator's original plan was to go on this trip alone.
Plot 7:
At this point in my we realized that his father is still around.
The reason they don't get along is, because he doesn't like his son's sexuality choice.
The father ended up getting in contact with him.
They talked and decided they were going to go on this trip together.
Plot 8:
Brother Alex was worried that something bad would happen with his dad and brother together.
They ended up making it to Mexicali, Baja, California, Norte.
This is were we realized that there was something special left for my narrator.
We found out it was a family picture of their family all together.
Plot 9:
This is were we realize the picture is ruined.
The father and son argued constantly, because of the picture and his sexuality.
All of a sudden things changed between the father and son.
In the end they worked to make things better for their family.
Theme Quote:
"Look son ," he says to me in a low tone he adopts when he grows serious. "We don't need to start the trip like this. We have three days to go and plenty of time to throw punches, so can't we just have a friendly conversation for now"(Gonzalez 23).
Culture 2:
They usually marry by the age of twenty and are strong about every man being married to a women.
Culture Quote:
"Son, why can't you just be like your brother Alex" (Gonzalez 25).
Work Cited:
Gonzalez, Rigoberto.
Butterfly Boy
. Wisconsin: Wisconsin Press, 2006. Print.
CultureGram. CultureGram.com. Culture, Web. 13 Dec. 2013.
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