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Classroom Procedures


Stevie Dodds

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Classroom Procedures

Procedures & Expectations!!

How do we enter the classroom?
Be on time!
Leaving the Room
which means in assigned seat and materials for the day!
Lets see how the classroom is going to work!
Step one!
Bring Spiral, Textbook, Writing Utensils, and other reading material .
Roll will be checked by seating chart so make sure you are in the correct seat or you will be counted absent!
What else should we know?
Step Two!
What about our assignments?
Turning in Assignments
•Record assignments and homework in your planner.
If you have any questions or your work is not in the bin, please come ask me for instructions.
You will have 3 days to complete the missed assignments from the day you were absent.
It will have any handouts, notes, or assignments missed labeled with your name and instructions
Step Three!
Step Four!
Late Work
What happens with late work?
For those students who turn in late work, there will be 10 points taken off for each day that it is late. After 5 days, the late work will no longer be accepted.
Grading and Re-dos!
If there is an assignment you wish to correct, you must come to tutoring.
Step five!
ive thoughtful feedback
espect their thoughts
n task all the time
se soft voices
articipate actively
tay with your group
step six!
Drills and Emergencies
Retrieve materials at the front of the room. Other things go under your desk.
Begin working on the warm up activity.
You may not leave the room the first ten minutes or the last ten minutes of class!
Arriving Late
Enter quietly and begin working.
You must have the assignment turned in before the unit test or you will not receive credit. Parents will be notified after 3 late or incomplete assignments.
After a quiz or test is returned to you, you will have the opportunity to make corrections if I feel necessary.
No corrections will be done on late assignments or incomplete assignments.
In class
If you need to sharpen a pencil please do so quietly and when I am not instructing the class.

Please throw away trash quietly and when I am not instructing the class.
Keep your space clean and organized.
Classroom Furniture & Others Space
Respect others space.

Please do not come behind the teacher desk unless instructed to do so.
•Listen for instructions.
•No talking.
•Stay focused.
Keep materials that are not needed for assignments or activities under your desk.
Exiting the Classroom!
Assignments that are due for the day are due at the beginning of the class.
Heading: Name, Date, Class Period
If you miss a class, there will be a make-up bin that will be placed on the table next to my desk.
There will be tutoring Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30-4:00
Area needs to be cleaned up.Need to be quietly sitting in your assigned seat.
Record upcoming events like quizzes or tests.
You will be able to receive 1/2 of your points back on the corrected problems.
Find your class period and locate your assignments.
Homework assignments will be checked at the beginning of class.
Cell Phones, Tablets, ect!
No cell phone use in class unless otherwise instructed to do so!
Special Offenses will receive an office referral immediately.
Resources & Supplies
Please bring colored pencils/markers
Extra pencils and supplies will be located at the front of the room and you may ask to borrow.
Any other supplies will be provided by me.
Scissors and glue will be located in the
bins at each tables.
Keep up with Math Binder & Spiral!
Calculators will be provide for you!
Don't Hurt the Maniplulatives!
I must sign your agenda to leave and you must also sign the in/out clipboard at the front of the room. Also, you must take the pass with you.
1. Be Punctual (You are in your seat when the bell rings.)

2. Be Prepared (Have your supplies and homework ready at the beginning of class.)

3. Be Positive (Do something nice every day!)

4. Be Polite (Listen and respect other people’s opinions.)

5. Be Productive (Work hard during class!)

1. Verbal/ Non-Verbal Warning

2. Formal teacher/student conference

3. Parent Contact

4. Lunch Detention/ After School Detention

5. Referral.

Sign the Tardy sheet!
Agenda Checks
Character Building
Gorzycki How To
Make sure you bring what you need help with. I will not be able to provide you with extra materials.
Substitutes: If they have to write your name down for me it is a detention.
Welcome to 6th Grade at Gorzycki!
Mrs. Dodds :)
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