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Principal's 200 Club

No description

Deena Rodriguez

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Principal's 200 Club

Principal's 200
School-wide Positive Intervention
Intended to modify the behavior of the entire school.
-Support Staff
Behavior Intervention and Support
(see www.pbis.org)
-Three-tiered model of behavior

-1st tier is designed to influence all students, all staff, and all settings.

-The P200 Club is designed to operate on this level.

of P200

School-wide all positive,
prevention focused intervention.
Specifically it utilizes:
1) verbal praise
2) public posting
3) the Mystery Motivator
4) a variable reinforcement schedule 5) a group contingency

Reasons to use the P200 Club
To establish a more positive social climate in a
1. To improve rule following behavior for all students.
2. To encourage positive student-teacher interactions.
3. To improve home-school relations.
4. To establish and reinforce consistent school-wide expectations.
5. To promote any initiative to improve school behavior (social skills, character education, anti-bullying etc.)
6. To decrease the number of office discipline referrals and time spent on discipline.

Evidence Based
Verbal praise
Verbal praise as a behavior intervention
consists of recognizing and describing specific desirable behaviors to an individual that has demonstrated such desirable behaviors.
Public posting
Public posting is the acknowledgment of an individual’s or group’s performance in a place where it can be observed by others.

Evidence Based cont.
Mystery Motivator
A Mystery Motivator is an unknown, high value, contingent reward. The fact that it is unknown creates a sense of anticipation that helps motivate individuals to participate in certain behaviors in order to learn the identity of the reward.
Variable reinforcement schedule
A variable reinforcement schedule is one in which an individual has access to a reward randomly rather than predictably.
P200 supports
Evidence Based cont.
Group contingency
A group contingency is a situation in which the performance of one or more individual affects the outcome for other individuals. This component
requires that individuals work together to achieve the desired result and leverages social pressure to get a
desired result.

Principal's 200
The combination of verbal praise, public posting, the Mystery Motivator, a variable reinforcement schedule, and a group contingency provide a variety of different reinforcement systems. This combination of techniques serves to cast a wide net that encompasses the behavior needs of our school.
How it works...
Each week, 10 randomly selected staff members will each have 5 Cardinal Pride Passes. Staff members give these passes to students when they see students modeling any of the School-wide Expectations. Students will turn pass into the Admin. office. Students sign the celebrity book and draw a number. The student’s ticket will be placed in the corresponding space on the 200 Club poster in the Administration office. Parents will be called within 24hrs. with the good news regarding their student.
How it works

When there are 14 touching spaces filled in any row or column, those 14 students will be invited to participate in a Mystery Motivator Prize. The prize will be different each time. After the 14 winning students have been recognized, all the names on the matrix will be taken down and the process will begin again.
Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible
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