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Lost in the barrens vs Mice of Men

No description

jeremy bland

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Lost in the barrens vs Mice of Men

A Summary of Lost in the Barrens Main Themes of Lost in the Barrens Lost in the Barrens is a novel about two young boys named Jamie and Awasin that are around the age of fourteen. They come from two very different cultures, Jamie is a Canadian boy, and Awasin is a aboriginal boy. They become very good friends after Jamie and his Uncle move to a Native village. One day Jamie and Awasin decide to take on the adventure of going hunting with the men from the village. Along the trip, unfortunately Jamie and Awasin get lost and have to survive either until they find the rest of the group, or if they cant,until the bitter winter ends. The rest of the book is jamie and Awasin surviving in the bitter cold. they never end up finding their group and miraculously survive until the spring. at that time they met up with the village people who went back for them after they realized that they were left behind. a huge theme in this book is that at a time where people like Awasin and people like Jamie really didnt communicate, two extreemly different people become best friends and survive a deadly cold winter together. by Farley Mowat
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