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Brittany Wickenheiser

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Raspberries.


where do raspberries grow?
what helps raspberries grow?
What can improve the growing conditions for raspberries?
Have any new varieties been developed through selective breeding?
How is the crop farmed.
raspberries generally like to grow in cooler climates.
You should water them one inch per week.
You need certain equipment like
-digging tools
-hedging tools
-pruning tools
-grown tilling equipment
good organic matter, and very good nutrient soil.
water needs to be able to drain so they don't flood.
when you harvest since they are so delicate it
it difficult to harvest. They start harvesting late June until the first frost in September.
you then pick them early in the morning when the dew is still on. You want to make sure you do not squish the plant. You then have to put them in large freezers at -10 degrees Celsius. This keeps them good for a little while.
They were breeding raspberries that would be able to fight off root rot and some pests. Raspberries and black berries have very little pets that will harms them, but there still is a few.
They can really be grown anywhere in Alberta but it is a lot harder to grown in southern alberta because of the wind.
-Manitoba is really good for growing raspberries as well.
Any where is Canada as well as long as the have good conditions and not much wind.
They want to be able to get a type of raspberry that can resist wind better and that way people could grow in different places.
They don't have any names for raspberries that they have selectively bread yet because they don't know if they are good enough for people, and to grow.
If there is good nutrients in the soil. Also if there
is good water and soil. They will grow really well with very little wind because it drys the raspberries out and will make them fall of the plant.
raspberries can grow any where in Alberta. They wont grow well in southern Alberta because there is a lot of wind. But Alberta has the right conditions to grow them.
A lot of raspberries are grown in Ontario.
They have very good conditions and can grow them easily.
British Columbia also grows a lot of raspberries. They have lots of moisture so it y help so they don't dry out.
They like sunny to almost shaded areas.
They also like moist, not to wet not to dry.
The like the soil with a ph of 5.6 to 6.2.
Thanks for watching my presentation!
Here is a video of people harvesting raspberries.
Farms in peace river are 1774 hectares average.
Ontario is 243.9 acres,
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