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Should Athletes be Paid More than Doctors?

This presentation will look at both sides of this issue.

Justin Walsh

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Should Athletes be Paid More than Doctors?

Than Doctors? Should Athletes Be Paid More Yes The Equivalent to We will take a look from
both sides of the table 1.8% Should This Pediatrics Doctor Who's average salary is: This Hockey Player's Contract of $104.4 million dollars over the Course of 12 years In Reality: This hockey player is being paid And the Doctor is being paid To Save Peoples life... or No? $156,000 / yearly of... OR $8.7 Million A Year 56 Times the doctors salary BUT To us, a recreational sport such as hockey, is something that should be played for leisure, or competitively, but not be a paid sport. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... So here is your chance to weigh in What do you think? Let's take a look from what some of
our academic sources have to say If we take this in to perspective The hockey player is being paid to do something he loves... So who is to blame? Why are these athletes being paid such outrageous amounts? One journal states: It is the very fans who often grumble about the “ridiculous” wages paid to top athletes who in effect set their salaries.That’s because in a market economy the price paid for any factor of production (including labor services) arises from the choices consumers make about the items they wish to buy and how much they are willing to pay. So ultimately we, as consumers, are determining the amount these hockey, baseball, football, players are being paid yearly. With that being said, consumers would
also pay outrageous amounts of money
to attend award shows like the Grammy's or Juno's Professional athletes are also performers, much like singers and actors. They are paid for their art. Whether it be on stage or on ice or in a field. Depending on the sporting event consumers would be willing to pay more. Just like in the entertainment business. For Example: Great Big Sea vs U2 Or Ice Caps vs Pittsburgh Penguins Certain services provided by doctors are not always essential. For example an established plastic surgeon in the United States can earn upwards of $4 Million dollars yearly. Again, an outrageous amount for something that is not necessarily essential. Compared to an Anesthesiologist, who's salary is upwards of $305,000, there is a clear line drawn between the two. For an athlete to turn professional they are putting their entire life's work on the line. An individual who pursuits a career as a doctor, first has a degree to fall back on in the event that schooling doesn't come through. Once in medical school, upon completion they are almost 100% guaranteed a job. This is not the same for a person pursuing a career as an athlete. The athlete is at a much higher risk, both career and health wise, than a doctor. How are we able to justify paying a professional athlete such a large amount of money, while doctors who provide essential services to you, me and these athletes so much less? Other Essential Services: Police Officer (US) - $29,000
Fire Fighter (US) - $40,000 These people are at a huge risk everyday, but their pay is keeping them just above poverty. Gene Calahan (). Athlete's Salaries too high? Sports Fans, blame yourselves. [ONLINE] Available at: http://c457332.r32.cf2.rackcdn.com/pdf/the-freeman/July-Aug%2007%20Callahan.pdf. [Last Accessed October 28, 2012].

http://www.cambridge.org/other_files/downloads/esl/stargeicreading/6843_SRL1_U04_p09.01_sport.pdf Physician organizations say we need more doctors. The Association of american Medical Colleges says we'll be short 62, 900 doctors by 2015. http://healthcommentary.org/?p=4701 Conclusion When we first began our research on this issue, we both had a firm opinion. We both thought professional athletes are paid outrageous amounts when they don't deserve it. We believed that people who provide an essential public service, such as doctors, should be paid more then these athletes. After researching this issue we came to the realization that athletes may not deserve to make these outrageous amounts, but they do deserve to make a well paying salary. These athletes dedicated their entire lives to their sport, and they risk their health and their career every time they compete or practice. In no way do we think that doctors should not be paid more, but our research made us understand why these athletes have such a high income Resources: http://www.csbsju.edu/Documents/Clemens%20Lecture/lecture/Book01.pdf http://c457332.r32.cf2.rackcdn.com/pdf/the-freeman/July-Aug%2007%20Callahan.pdf http://wg.serpmedia.org/pdf_2ATE/WB2ATE_individual_units/full_color/WG2ATE_Part4.pdf http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/opinion/2012/06/to-lock-up-crosby-long-term-was-a-no-brainer.html http://www.cambridge.org/other_files/downloads/esl/strageticreading/6843_SRL1_U04_P09.01_sport.pdf http://hypertextbook.com/facts/2004/TiffanyYam.shtml http://healthcommentary.org/?p=4701
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