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"The Lion King" - Joseph Campbell's Hero Journey

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Seth Copas

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of "The Lion King" - Joseph Campbell's Hero Journey

"The Lion King" - Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey
Seth Copas 12/7/14
English 2H Period 5

What is the "Hero's Journey"?
Also known as Joseph Campbells "Monomyth", the "Hero's Journey" is basically a pattern that every narrative follows.
Pieces of literature or film vary with how many steps are followed/included in that work. Some contain the full 17 steps while others may only contain the bare minimum.
Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" has influenced a number of artists, musicians, filmmakers, etc.

Diagram of the Hero's Journey
The Ordinary World
Simba is born to his father, King Mufasa and mother, Queen Sarabi, at Pride Rock.
King Mufasa teaches Simba what it's like to be the king and teaches him the right way to complete certain activities, such as hunting.
Simba plays with Nala, his lady friend.
Since Simba is the king's son, he is the heir to King Mufasa's throne which cause problems with King Mufasa's brother, Scar.
Simba lifted by Rafiki
The Call to Adventure
King Mufasa teaches Simba what it's like to be king and he shows Simba how to do certain things such as hunting animals.
King Mufasa also shows Simba all of Pride Rock and the land around it. Simba gets to see that the world is filled with tasks to complete and is very dangerous when his father tells him not to visit the Elephant Graveyard.
Simba and Mufasa about to take out Zazu
Refusal of The Call
After being taunted by his uncle, Scar, for not being a brave lion and not going into the "Elephant's Graveyard", Simba goes with Nala.
Simba refuses his dad's request and tries to prove himself, ultimately, almost getting himself killed.
At the Elephant Graveyard
Meeting With The Mentor
After being saved by Mufasa, Simba recieves a lecture from him. Mufasa tells Simba that being brave doesn't mean to go looking for trouble.
King Mufasa tells Simba that the kings in the skies will help him look after Simba.
Crossing The Threshold
After being told by Scar that Simba's dad's death was his fault, Simba did not know what to do.
Scar told Simba that it was his fault and he told Simba that his mother would be mad. Scar forced Simba to run away, opening up the throne for himself.
As he was leaving, hyenas were forced by Scar to go and chase him.
Tests, Enemies, and Allies
Simba is first tested when he almost dies in the desert. He is saved by Timon and Pumba.
Timon and Pumba become Simba's only friends and they are the reasons why he survives.
Simba is next tested when he is forced to eat bugs which are the only edible things out where he is. He learns "Hakuna Matata" from Timon and Pumba.
While fighting another lion to save Pumba, Simba meets his best friend from his childhood, Nala.
Nala, being suprised at how Simba is still alive, tries to force him to come back to Pride Land.
As much as Nala tries to get Simba to come back, he still wont give in. He teaches Nala "Hakuna Matata" and tells her that he's not the Simba she remembers.
Ultimately, they have a large fight and leave eachother. Simba needs to leave the easy life he's living now in order to go back.
Simba is at an all-time low when he realizes that he can't go back to Pride Land. He yells out at his dad and asks why he isn't there for him like he said he would be and realizes that it's his fault.
When Simba is alone by the pond, he meets a Baboon who tells him that he is confused. The baboon tells Simba that he knows his name which gives Simba the energy to chase him back to his living home.
The baboon shows Simba his dad through a pond and Simba gets to talk to his father, King Mufasa. Mufasa tells Simba to remember who he is, causing Simba to go back and face his past.
After being reinspired by the baboon and his father, Simba bravely went to Pride Land and faced his past.
He met his mother and Scar again and Simba even forced Scar to say the truth about how Mufasa died, which stunned everyone.
The Atonement
After Scar admits to killing Mufasa, a big fight occures between all the hayenas and lions. Thunder strikes the grass below and there is great chaos among everyone.
In the midst of this all, Simba chases Scar up to the top of the rock and a great fight takes place.
Eventually, Simba pushes him off the cliff and the hyenas finish him off.
The Return
After defeating Scar, the bamboo tells Simba that "it is time."
Simba goes to the top of the cliff and lets out a loud and majestic roar.
The clouds from the skies disappear and the rain stops. Within a small amount of time, all life returns to Pride Land.
Simba and Nala have a baby cub and he is also presented to everyone in the land.
Heroes are the central figures in a story. Everyone is the hero of his or her own myth.
In "The Lion King" the hero is Simba, son of Mufasa and Sarabi. After abandoning his land as a young boy due to his uncle, he comes back after many years and saves Pride Land. The ruling is no longer harsh and evil and good life is restored.
Villains, enemies, or even the enemy within. This could also be the unseen possibilities of becoming evil in a hero.
In "The Lion King" Scar is the villain. He plots out a plan to have his brother, King Mufasa killed. After this, he tells Simba, Mufasa's son, to run off so that he doesn't have a problem taking the throne.
The hero's guide or guiding principles.
King Mufasa:
In "The Lion King" the mentor is King Mufasa, Simba's dad. He often tells Simba right from wrong and even as a spirit, guides Simba to success and the recapturing of Pride Land.
The one who brings the call to adventure. It can be a person or event.
Scar Talking to Simba:
An event that brings the call to adventure is Scar tellng Simba that only brave lions go down into the Elephant Graveyard. By doing this, he lures Simba into doing something Mufasa told him not to.
Threshold Guardians:
The forces that stand in the way at important turning points. It can be anything from people to personal fear/problems.
After his father was killed, Simba did not know what to do. He did not know whether or not it was his fault and he did not know whether or not he shoudl leave.
A shapeshifter brings a different aspect to a story by changing appearance, mood or behavior. The shapeshifter can confuse, lie to, or help the protagonist.
In "The Lion King" Rafiki is the shapeshifter. He first confuses Simba by telling him that he knows his name which ultimately leads to Simba trying to find out more information. In the end, Rafiki helps Simba talk to his father who encourages Simba to go back to Pride Land.
A trickster is someone who is a clown, a mischief-maker.
Timon and Pumbaa:
Timon and Pumbaa are the reason why Simba lived but they also cause a lot of mayhem. They both goof around a lot and live a care-free life. Their reckless and fun ways are also the reason why Simba and Nala meet again.
An ally is someone who helps the hero throughout the quest.
Nala is Simba's best friend when they are children and she helps bring him back to Pride Island to take the throne. In the end, they even have their own child.
Mufasa's Ghost
Simba vs Scar
Simba Learns "Hakuna Matata"
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