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Healthy Lifestyle Living

No description

Joseph Ryback

on 8 August 2016

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Transcript of Healthy Lifestyle Living

Healthy Lifestyle Living
Learning Goals
Students will learn to make healthy lifestyle choices based on research and apply what may be “healthy” for one may not be healthy for the other.
Students will demonstrate what F.I.T.T stands for and how it is applied to their current and future workouts.
Students will discover, plan and track healthy lifestyle choices for themselves as well as other individuals, such as family members, all while identifying healthy practices that help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.
Pre-Assesments for Students/Parents
Parent survey brought home by students to finish and bring back to gain background knowledge to show students.
Students will be given a 20 question Pre-Test, which will not be counted towards final grade.
Students will also be given the same test, a Post-Test, that will be given at the end of the unit, to compare for learning and understanding.
Formative Assessments (On-Going Assessments)
Outline of Performance Assessment
Checking for understanding during group work time.
Observations during individual and group time in the fitness center and cardio machines.
Self-Assessing each others work in small groups.
Assessing each video done by other peers.
Reflecting on the unit as a whole in student journals/logs.
8th grade students will create a video in groups of 3, which will demonstrate the proper usage and safe methods of each circuit training machine.
Students will also demonstrate how to chart/log in their journals.
Assessment will be by rubric that is given to them at the start of the unit. Teachers and students will self-assess each others work.
Rubric for Performance Assessment
Paper and Pencil Assessments
Involve students in their learning and developing of assessments.
Pre/Post Tests
Rubric modifications
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