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The Olympic Games


Yasmin Ranasinghe

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of The Olympic Games

Introduction "Critically evaluate the changing historical role of the Olympic Games movement , focusing the analysis on the area of the socio-cultural aspect. " The Olympic Movement
A Changing role of this movement
Historical development of the Olympic Movement
Lasting Legacy
Global Impacts Paralympics London 2012
International Paralympic Committee (IPC) reveals the games were watched by 3.4 billion people outside the UK. 3.8 billion including UK viewers

This was a 37% increase on the Beijing Paralympics in 2008, when a 2.48 billion-strong audience outside China tuned in.

IPC commercial and marketing director Alexis Schaefer said: "To grow the international audience outside of the host market by nearly one billion in four years is a significant achievement."

The Games were broadcast in more than 115 countries and territories, and overseas audiences got the chance to see over 2,500 hours of content. The Olympic Movement Changing Role of The Movement Historical Development GLOBAL
LEGACY The Olympic Movement Olympism Olympic Charter Articulated in 1894

A Social Philosophy

Blending sport and culture and education.

Promote cultural and personal change. Fundemental Principles of Olympism
Rules & Laws adopted by IOC
Published 1908 controlled by the IOC Olympic Movement "The goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth people through sport practised in accordance with Olympism and its values. " (Olympic Charter, 2011, Rule 1) Established 23 June 1894 Youth Participation YOG - Youth Olympic Games Youth Olympic Games (YOG) is to inspire young people around the world to participate in sport and adopt and live by the Olympic values.

Guatemala City in July 2007 that the IOC decided to create a new sporting event to educate, engage and influence young athletes inspiring them to play an active role in their communities. Pierre de Coubertin foremost aim reform education.

1925 he was one of the founders of the World Pedagogical
Union (Union Pégagogique Universelle/ U.P.U.) compiled a “Charter
of Educational Reform”

1926 he founded an “International
Center of Sports Education” (Bureau International de Pédagogie
sportive/B.I.P.S.) http://www.thesportjournal.org/article/idea-peace-coubertins-vision-modern-olympic-movement-development-and-pedagogic-consequences http://www.olympic.org/content/yog_/#/Video IOC ANCIENT MODERN Winter Games First Official Games : 1924
International Olympic Committee, IOC, organised an "International Sports Week" History : Movement occured from 1908 London Summer Games. Some objections by Pierre Coubertin & Scadenavian Countries IOC MODERN TIMES http://www.worldatlas.com/aatlas/infopage/olympic.htm Ancient Times Modern Times The Olympic Games Cultural Olympiad
Olympism Barcelona 1999
Sydney 2000
London 2012 Creates festivity , unity , pride , Spectacles Olympiad Programme Socio- Cultural Positives Negatives References Vassil Girgnov (2010). The Olympics . Oxon: Routledge. p41-68. Vassil Girgnov , Jim Parry (2005). The Olympic Games Explained. Oxon : Routledge. pg1 - pg 77 . http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/olympic-legacy http://www.pe04.com/olympic/athens1896/index.php http://www.sportdevelopment.info/index.php/rgsd/518-ruff-guide-to-2012-olympic-legacy?catid=47%3Aruffguides http://www.olympic.org/content/yog_/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/ancient_greeks/the_olympic_games/ http://www.olympic.org/ancient-olympic-games
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