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My Street

No description

Madison Louise

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of My Street

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This is Eva.
Eva lives with her older brother Xavier, and their grandparents.
They moved into their grandparents house when they were much younger.

Eva's Grandma makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the whole street. Sometimes their cat Pippin sits on the roof of our house, she's a funny cat!
And this is my house!
I live with my Mum, Dad, and my
baby brother Jackson.

This is Brandon.
Brandon lives with his Mum in an apartment.
There are lots of apartments in the same building.

Brandon and his Mum go to the park every afternoon after school, sometimes I join them.
I love living on my street because all my friends live here too!

We may look different, have different kinds of families and live in different kinds of houses, but we all have one thing in common...

Can you guess what it is?
My name is Poppy and
welcome to my street!

I have lots of friends who live on my street, should we go and meet some?

We all love our families just the way they are!
This is Angie and Daniel.

Angie and Daniel are step-siblings. They are the same age but are from different families. Last year Daniel's Mum and Angie's Dad got married. Their families joined together to make one big family.

Some weekends Angie and her older sister Emmie go and visit their Mum's house.

My Street

This is Mai-Lang
Mai-Lang lives with her Bô, Mê, Trai, Bà
and Ông. They moved here from Vietnam last year.

Mai-Lang and her family eat traditional Vietnamese
food, sometimes she brings it to school.
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