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Ipads in Education

No description

Chad Craig

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Ipads in Education

Behavior Tracking Apps
Ipads in Education
Chad Craig - ccraig@lakerschools.org
Amy Rogers- amy.rogers@jcisd.org
Ann Osborn- aosborn@tuscolaisd.org
Janice Abud: jabud@rochester.k12.mi.us

Formative Assessment -
gives immediate feedback
provides data to drive instructional decisions
engaging content, graphics, video, etc.
compiles data on student performance
can be used as a pre, during, or post learning
can be used for assessment (paperless classroom, instant grading!)

Quick Data Collection
Record Positive and Negative Behaviors
Real Time Feedback

"Out of the Box"
Universal Access Features
Data Tracking Apps
Go Talk NOW
Proloquo 2 Go
Communication Apps

The iPad Gives Nonverbal Kids a Voice
The Variety of Programs (Apps)
The Ease of Use
The Educational Value
The Social Value
brief, interactive, assessments that provide teachers with feedback on student understand that can be used to make educational decisions about instruction
A new idea???
Advantages of Formative Assessment with Ipads
Disadvantages of Formative Assessment with Ipads
requires teacher to be tech savy
requires access to Ipads, tabets, computers or laptops, and a digital projector
students may not take assessment seriously,
compromising the data
issue of student identity, cheating
Where to start????
Video Modeling
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