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Egyptian revolution

No description

Brianna Lashaye

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Egyptian revolution

Egypt is located in Northern Africa, and some parts such as the Sahara Desert is hot and dry and have a plateau.
In Egypt there are many droughts, earthquakes, flash floods, dust storms, and sandstorms. Many people in Egypt speak Arabic and most people follow the Muslim religion. In some parts of Egypt the government of is struggling to provide food, money, and the ability to rebuild things due to their growing population. Many people in Egypt are becoming sick due to diseases such as:
bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever Egypt is having there land being lost due to urbanization and windblown sands.
Water pollution from agricultural and industrial wastes are limiting the natural resources from the Nile River. On Tuesday, January 25, 2011 many people in Egypt begin to protest about poverty, the lack of jobs, and that the government is trying to control everything they do.
They also protested about how they wanted their President (Hosni Mubarak) to step down. The Egyptian Revolution The Government blocked the internet because it was a way for protestors to plan what they were going to do, but by blocking the internet the people became even more furious. The riots were getting worse with police arresting people, beating them with batons, and even spraying them with gas and water cannons.
Not only do the protest happen in Cairo the capital of Egypt, but they have spread to Alexandria and Suez which are two of Egypt's majors cities. This protest is said to be the largest since the 1970's. As of February 1st the president of Egypt said that he would not run for a re-election, but he would not step down from office. On February 7th the government of Egypt agreed to raise salaries and retirement income by 15 percent in hope that people would stop protesting. 302 people were killed during the unrest in Egypt On February 10th the president of Egypt said that he would not be running for the next presidential election, but he would finish his term until September. The protestors were so outraged that the president was going to be finishing his term, that they begin to wave their shoes in the air As of February 11th Egypt's president ( Hosni Mubarak) decided to step down as president and hand over power to the army.
The people were excited and decided to celebrated. They begin to clear the streets. On February 13th Traffic flows through the square for the first time since the protests began As of February 14th the military leadership wanted workers and citizens to play their part to help their economy become better. Many people in Egypt bean to protest on January 25, because they felt that the government was not doing anything about the lack of jobs and poverty.
Because of the protest the government shut down the internet.
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