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No description

Tuksanapun Jiwanantawat

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of thesis

Creating brand fashion product using negative ions to heal the body by using the concept of ideological impact of the Impressionist Claude Monet by Jittraporn Jiwanatawat
5486703535 Healthy product demand Negative ions Human cell Negative ions benefit Natural Materiel Healthy Fashion Cloth Healthy Product Fashion cloth
in Market Healthy choice Human Problem Urban Lifestyle Human cell have negative ions=30-40 micro volt Child 70-90 Micro volt Old People Lower 60 Micro volt Cancer Patient = 15 Microvolt Death People=0 Micro volt How to make Negative ions ? Electromagnet Field Natural negative ions Silver Cotton Silk Gemstone Chakra Head Yellow & Light Violet gemstone Crown chakra Third eye chakra Fore head & Occiput Indigo Blue & Violet Gemstone Throat Chakra Front&Back Neck Light Blue Gemstone Hearth Chakra Above of Hearth & Center of Back bone Green & Pink Gemstone Solar Plexus Chakra Center of Chest Yellow Gemstone Sacral Chakra End of Back Bone Orange & Aquamarine
Gemstone Base Chakra Under Belly Dark red & Black
Gemstone Impressionist Claude Monet -Impression

-Light & Shade

- Smooth

- Space

- Detail less

- Texture

- Natural

- Light Co lour Working Age Congenital disease Migraine Backache & Shoulder ache Gastritis & Acid Rflux Herniated disc. Wrist & Ankle Numb Fat Bladder Inflammation Haemorrhoids Allergy & Asthma Body System Reproductive system. Blood Circulation System Excretory System Respiratory Tract Bone & Muscle System Digestive System Nervous & Brain System Target Main Target Second Target -Generation x 36-40 year old

-Urban Working Woman

-No Official Career

-Earning Income 45,000 up -Generation Y 27-35 year old

-Urban Working Woman or Studying

-No Official Career

-Earning Income 15,000 -35,000 Positioning in Market Trend Support Idiomatic (WGSN)70% Squat (Promostyle) 15% Over The Canyon (Nelly Rodi ) 15% Impressionnista Culture mixed Culture Mix / Traditional / Natural / Simply / Healthy / Craft / Contemporary /
Impressionist Art / Base & Loose Form / Colorful / Earth Tone / Unique / Minimal Silhouette Colour Print & Texture Detail Sketch Final Sketch Chosen Sketch Sample technic Material Inspiration Detail Process Final Sketch Thank you Colour way Mood Board
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