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socio-cultural impacts of tourism

No description

Krystal Lara Ilano

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of socio-cultural impacts of tourism

Role Play creation of employment
conservation of cultural heritage

renewal of cultural pride
cross-cultural exchange POSITIVE IMPACTS Negative Impacts over crowding and loss of amenities for residents
over commercialization of traditional arts and craft
Demonstration effect
Acculturation Impact Control Strategies New Hired Guide in Museo Sugbo Made By: Kystal Lara A. Ilano Socio-cultural Impacts Of Tourism Society Culture People in groups
Their interactions
Their attitudes•
Their behavior Society Culture Social interaction of people
Their social relations
Material artifacts behavioral pattern, knowledge and values which have been acquired and transmitted through generations Burns and Holden Social Impact of Tourism the study of the impacts of tourism on the people in groups which includes the residents of tourism areas usually referred to as hosts and the tourists Cultural Impacts of Tourism the impacts of tourism on the culture of the host population as well as on the culture of the visitors themselves Handicrafts
Art and music
History of the tourist area
Types of work engaged in by the local residence
Educational systems
Leisure Cultural Attractions Elements of the cultural heritage Conservation of archeological and historical sites and interesting architectural styles
Conservation and revitalization of tradition
Financial assistance for the maintenance of cultural facilities and activities Maintain the Authenticity of local dance, music, and drama performance, arts, and handicrafts.
Design hotels and other tourist facilities to show local architectural styles
Use theme and events to show the history, life style and geographic setting of tourist destination areas Guide: Roxanne
Old employee: Macy
Tourists: Ann, Che
Mother: Janiza
Narrator: Klyr
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