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bryan villalpando

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of bryan

Bryan villalpando
I believe that if we work together to clean up america we will succeed. I know that you think what can I do america is huge but thats one reason we can clean up america has a huge population. you can help by recycling. we can also help by going to the park and volunteer to clean it up thats one reason I made this prezi another reason is to have a beautiful home that we call america.
If we do not help the environment now we would have terrible problems like global warming we would also have many species die just because we were to lazy to pick up our own mess that's just sad. If we do help the environment we will have a amazing world with amazing plants and animals. who would want to live in a world were there is smog and mutant animals.
America has a huge amount of trash.
Your probebly thinking I am not a messy person but the truth is you are everybody is even me. one person makes 1,600 pounds of trash a year. you think thats alot well there is about 306,861,871 but thats going to change in a few seconds.
man made polution

America produces an a huge amount of trash. Each person in the United States created a daily average of 4.5 pounds of solid waste of garbage every day. Imagine how much trash the world makes. Sadly if we keep going like this bad things will happen.

deer are amazing
compared to mutants
mutants are

Sadly because of our messi country one day we may not have as many species as we have today. Alot of people say they will try ther best to help the environment. Then after two days they start to litter again.
Man made pollution is a big problem that can destroy the world bullying can't. You may ask how can man made pollution destroy the world but all the dangerous toxens that are released into the world can cause global warming and the loss of many species and plants
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