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Active Citizenship

Social Media Development

Helder Goncalves

on 14 July 2013

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Transcript of Active Citizenship

Active Citizenship
December 2008 – December 2012
Reaching/engaging Citizens via social media
Citizenship becomes an habit for each inhabitant.
Promoting an increasingly active participation of every citizen in their community's life.
Involving citizens in council decisions.
We intend to value people, stimulating their presence and creativity.
Attracting a younger population on issues related to the city.

Measures implemented since 2008:
Change the way we communicate:
Innovative methods on social networks
The strategy
for Social Media

By analising the statistical data from the municipality's website, we noticed that night time periods had lower visits

Matosinhos is a city with a strong associative spirit; (Associations are extremely busy in the evenings)

Key opinion leaders are online in the evenings;

Strong and active community participation in social networks.
Creating profiles on Facebook (Friends page), Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Flickr, Google+ (we were the 1st Public Entity in Portugal) and Pinterest
1st entity in Portugal

One-way to two-way communication; seek to encourage the delivery of information, suggestions, comments, plans, amongst many others.
Placement Forms on Facebook
Change in communication methods; besides communicating during working hours (website) we started publishing on social networks in the evening;
Active Citizenship
Target segmentation: different profiles linked to different departments
Corporate Webtv channel
on Facebook
Emergency Contacts
Simultaneously, we restyled our website
Profile page
reached the friends' limit (5000) in less than one year
Created in April 2010
"Likes" from 23 countries in the world:
Portugal, Brasil, France, UK, Spain, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Angola, Netherlands, Argentina, Vietnam, Thailand, Mozambique, India, Canada, Serbia, Mexico, Turkey and Venezuela.
"Likes" from 19 Portuguese cities:
Matosinhos, Oporto, Lisbon, Vila Nova de Gaia, Maia, Senhora da Hora, Vila do Conde, Valongo, Coimbra, Viana do Castelo, Aveiro, Vila Real, Braga, Viseu, Ribeirão, Leiria, Amadora, Penafiel, Gondomar
Right now, on social networks,
we are:
2nd national city hall
6th entity in government
and public institutions
Above all, we want to simplify life for people, being close to them, and value what they have to say to us!
Thank You
Helder Gonçalves

Twitter: www.twitter.com/heldergoncalves

10.055 followers with a reach of 2,566,598 people / Matosinhos has 170,000 inhabitants

Weekly reach of 21,900 people

5,970,965 Views publications

27,229 Comments/Opinions about publications
Recognitions / Awards:
Citizen Service Award - Local Government,
Process Improvement Award - Local Government
Cost Reduction Award for the Citizen
Publication of articles in IGOV Portal, as well as in business newspapers and other specialty publications
TV report IGOV Portal
Reference as global case study for Microsoft
Links for all social media
Share tool for social media platforms (330)
Like Button (pages, news, events)
Easy access menu for all interactive citizen areas
Online services (24h/365 days)

Speak with the Mayor
accessibilities for blind people
accessibilities for deaf people

29,774 people visited the site
Visits: 49 362
136 940 Page Views
Visits from: Portugal, Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, UK, Italy, USA, etc.
Portuguese Cities: Oporto, Matosinhos, Lisbon, Maia, Vila Nova Gaia, Felgueiras, Gondomar, etc.
Tourism | Welcome Matosinhos
Instagram #matosinhos
Medieval Fair
80 photos
Pirates in the
16th century

164 photos
New timeline version
Newsletter sign up
Website - Last month
Online service
for suggestions,
complaints, or questions
Job opportunities
Online services
24h / 365 days
Online debate
On duty pharmacies
FACEBOOK | December 2012
Matosinhos is:
Matosinhos is one of the largest cities in the Oporto District.

It is neighbour of Oporto, located in the north of Portugal and in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, on the right side of the Douro River.

Matosinhos is a town of land and sea, of people, landscapes and usages, meeting in a journey through places where tradition and changes seek to understand each other, projecting a modern future, visible in the marks of the contemporary architecture.

“This is the town. There are no walls to hold it” - Álvaro Siza
Culture, Architecture and Gastronomy....
online and offline
city guide
augmented reality
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