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Cell Analogy, By Ash

An analogy.....of a cell By Ashi and Chrisco

Ash Relose

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Cell Analogy, By Ash

Cell Analogy By Ashi and Chrisco Cell to Hotel 1) Cell Membrane Main Check-In Only lets some things through, semi- permeable 2) Nuclear Membrane The Manager's Office Surrounds the nucleus 3) Nucleus Manager's Computer Control's main functions in the cell 4) Endoplasmic Reticulum The Luggage Cart Transports materials 5) Lysosomes Garbage Can Waste material
Where digestion takes place 6) Ribosome The Kitchen Amino acids converted into protein 7) Golgi Apparatus Room Service Packages protein 8) Mitochondria Boiler Room "Power house"
Cellular Respiration 9) Vacuole Sewage Pipes Fills with waste materials on its way out of the cell Similar because they don't let just anybody in Similar because they pack up food so it can be transported to your room Similar because it produces energy for the cell/ hotel Similar because it holds the most important part of the cell/ hotel Similar because it holds waste material before it leaves Similar because they both transport materials around the cell/ hotel Similar because it makes products useful Similar because it is where waste materials are placed Similar because it holds all the important information for the cell/ hotel
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