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Restaurant Training

No description

Kevin Wargo

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Restaurant Training

tips for opening and running a new restaurant Restaurant Training Define positions and responsibilities clearly Management Gain experience in the business
before starting your own restaurant. Make sure staff is prepared for large crowds and busy shifts. This just in:
Customers won't eat with a dirty spoon! Always make sure utensils are spotless. Ensure that the restaurant follows a consistent and easily definable theme. Appearance Lighten up the dining room to provide a good first impression when customers walk in. Clean tables immediately so dirty dishes are not left sitting in plain sight. Fresh food is actually cheaper than frozen/canned food. Fresh Food Create "base" recipes that serve as the start for other dishes (include sauces and stocks). Simplify and integrate the menu options so nothing goes to waste. Diners should not be able to see straight into the kitchen or service station. Create incentive programs to keep customers coming back. Marketing Venture out to the local community and spread the word about your restaurant. Thank you and good luck!
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