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Vital ICTmagic Resources

An eclectic mix of cross-curricular resources from the ICTmagic website http://ictmagic.wikispaces.com

Martin Burrett

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Vital ICTmagic Resources

http://www.starwars.com/play/online-activities/crawl-creator/index.jsp?cs=6swerkrppp The Star Wars Crawler is a great resource to bring a bit of flare to your English lessons. Amazing how some children are more willing to practise spellings when using this resource. This is a superb online recording tool where you can make a 30 second audio recoding at the touch of a button. Just share the short link to share your message. There are apps for mobile devices and a bookmarklet for quick access. It's a wonderful way to give homework/instructions and for students to ask questions when away from class. https://croak.it http://classdojo.com You can even update it using your mobile device's web browser. It's one of the best sites that I have shared. Try it. I will be!
Find more at http://ictmagic.wikispaces.com/Classroom+Management+%26+Rewards#classdojo A superb online class management system. Award points for good behaviour and working hard. Take points away for late homework and being unkind. You can set your own headings to customise for your class. http://www.balldroppings.com/js/ A good musical application where you draw lines and let balls bounce around and make interesting percussion sounds. http://piktochart.com Create beautiful and informative infographics with this great, easy to use site. Just upload your images and drag them into place. The free account has 5 template themes. The Naked Scientists site is an amazing place for everyone who loves science. Find ideas, fascinating information, experiments and a weekly science podcast and archives going back over ten years. http://thenakedscientists.com http://mentormob.com An amazing site that allows users to create and browse 'playlists' of websites, YouTube videos and more to make a custom lesson. Add comments and instructions. View hundreds of bundles made by others. Just share the link to share with your students and colleagues. Use your smart phone to digitise your students' work and make an online assessment record. Use images, files or Videos from YouTube. Add comments and much more. You can also upload images of work through the website. Why not get your class to upload their own? http://threering.com/ http://www.andythelwell.com/blobz/guide.html A beautifully made flash presentation, game and quiz for learning about electrical circuits. http://memplai.com I'm hugely excited by this site. Make collaborative videos in your web browser with this amazing site. Just upload your images, videos and audio and invite others users to edit your project with you. As the files are stored online your students can access the project from home or at school. The videos do not have watermarks and they can be easily embedded into your site or blog. http://www.senteacher.org/ An unmissable site for all things SEN. Find resources for English, maths and more, ideas and help to push your students forward. I love the certificate maker. Lots here to download and use for everyone, not just for Children with SEN. http://youtube.com/SteveSpanglerScience A wonderful YouTube channel featuring over 400 science experiments and activities to try in your class. Each video is succinct and easy to follow. http://digitaldialects.com I really like this site. A great site where you can learn basic vocab in 60 languages.Play games to practise basic phrases, colours, numbers and much more. A must try resource for schools doing a 'language of the week'. http://nowykurier.com/toys/gravity/gravity.html Let your children explore the properties of gravity with this great gravity simulator. Send your particles in to orbits and see them combine to make denser points. Trace the paths to see where they travel and observe whether they are in a stable orbit or is the system dynamic. It's the best resource I've seen for teaching orbits, gravity and how solar systems form. This is an amazing site for creating your own music and vocal tracks. It has a huge, high quality bank of sounds and instruments. There are template compositions for beginners and everything is editable so advance users can be in control of their creativity. A free signup is required. http://ujam.com http://slimekids.com/games/spelling-games/spellingfiles/alphabots.swf A flash spelling game where players need to run around a 3D environment collecting letters to spell a word. http://havefunteaching.com A superb cross-curricular site brimming over with downloadable resources. Find reading comprehensions, flashcards, videos, educational songs, colouring pages, teaching tools and much more. http://tiltshiftmaker.com/photo-editing.php This is a nice photo to use.
http://london-attractions.info/images/attractions/houses-of-parliament.jpeg Make a tilt shift photo where objects and people look miniature. I love this effect. Your class will have great fun playing with this tool and making art. These are a great stimulus for creative writing. http://solarsystemscope.com/scope.swf Wow! A simply stunning, fast loading, space 3D flash simulation of the solar system. Fly between the planets and look at them close up. I hope you have enjoyed seeing these resources.
Go to http://ictmagic.wikispaces.com or Google ICTmagic to find thousands more free resources for your class. http://ictmagic.wikispaces.com https://plus.google.com/118187057704018258210/posts http://scoop.it/t/ictmagic http://pinterest.com/ictmagic/ictmagic-resources/ http://ictmagic.wordpress.com http://diigo.com/user/ictmagic https://twitter.com/ICTmagic https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/jwsdetect/playback.jnlp?psid=2012-07-03.1115.M.13FD56484112E164F812316F89BE78.vcr&sid=2010108 View the webinar at
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