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MGT3ENC Product Presentation

Daniel Mclean

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of PowerPack

Battery life in smart phones is terrible
The only option is to charge your phone throughout the day or not use it
Current solutions are also terrible

- Management Department

- IT Department

- Marketing Department

- Finance Department
Distributed to any company that produces electronic devices or displays
Manufactured according to size
To continue throughout product lifespan
Will be shipped to assembly location of final product
Never die
Exit Strategy

– sell all of the companies assets, machinery, factories etc. Take profits and begin a new venture.
This new technology provides the acquirer
strategic value.
Create a
and processes that will be easily absorbed and adopted into any business
Exit Strategy
Is charged by solar and artificial light.
Can be integrated into all displays.
Invisible to the naked eye
Prevents phone from overheating
1 Minute of light = 1 Minute of talk
Charging indicator
PowerPack Screen
Transfer battery power from any device, to any device
Simply touch the back of each phone together and follow the prompts.
A full battery transfer takes 5 minutes
PowerPack Transfer
Target market – between 20-50 year olds

Majority working class, some University students who can afford it.

High end smart phones use up so much battery life and most University students or working class citizens are constantly on their phone.

Whether it be making phone calls, sending text messages or taking photo’s, not mentioning the different social media outlets that are used daily.
Although this doesn’t use less power, it can save up to 20% battery life throughout the day – just the solar screen.

The PowerPack app could potentially mean your phone would never run out of battery again.

Market Analysis
Technological leadership as it will be the first product of its type on the market
Able to solve current power supply issues
Reduces use of electricity
Higher cost for electronic companies
Consumer uncertainty as it is a brand new
Low production rates
A two product company
Continued development to improve product efficiency, helping
reduce the size of batteries
Able to achieve economies of scale as demand increases
extend the product range
to include solar panel glass for buildings, cars or even displays for televisions.

The product may be
Battery technology
may eventually improve
The companies that have the PowerPack installed in their products may choose to
make it not compatible with other brands

Where are we now?
Table 1: Screen sizes and battery solar
Item Supplier Catalog No# Unit Price
5.7 inch PowerPack PP-1.1 $70.00
5.5 inch PowerPack PP-2.1 $50.00
4.7 inch PowerPack PP-3.1 $35.00

Table 2: Battery Transfer
Item Supplier Catalog No# Unit Price
5.7 inch PowerPack PP-1.2 $20.00
5.5 inch PowerPack PP-2.2 $20.00
4.7 inch PowerPack PP-3.2 $20.00

“We have no real competition”
- First-mover advantage
- Potential competition
- Unique and differentiated
“We are the innovators”
- ensuing competition, strong/long-term partnerships, brand loyalty, up-and-running distribution systems
- Trends and demand
80% recyclable
- parts can be reused, refurbished, by being melted down
- sourcing some of its parts from recycled parts
Solar technology, not using electricity to charge the phone
Ethics & Environment
Product Pricing
Capital raising
- Require $ 50m in investment.
Perceived profits are set to outweigh the costs.
- Initially 15% share in the company.
- Increase capabilitu to 100,000 a day.
Battery cases
External solar panels
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