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Kaelyn Miller

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

by Kaelyn Miller Inventors can be inspired in many different ways. - Inventors sometimes accidentally invent things.
- Inspired by animals
- trail and error In 1905, 11 year old Frank Epperson accidentally invented the popsicle by mixing powder with water to make himself soda and then left it outside overnight, in the morning he realized the cold air froze the beverage around the stirring stick. In 1923 when Frank was 29, he began selling the ice pops and it became very popular and he named it "popsicle" Inventors Get Inspired By Animals Engineering Professor Christopher Viney is studying hippo sweat to come up with an all-day sunscreen and bug repellant in one. Inventors can be inspired by trail and error The wright brothers plane had to keep getting fixed and they kept trying and succeeded. Inventors sometimes accidentally invent things Spencer Silver, a researcher and Arthur Fry, a church choir singer were trying to create a strong glue, but ended up making a very weak glue. silver put the project aside. But Arthur Fry was interested because bookmarks in his songbook would constantly fall out, so Arthur decided to paint this glue on to his bookmarks and when he removed the bookmark from the page there wasnt any damange. fry brought the idea back to 3M and the company began to sell post-it-notes. Inventors Dr. Harry Coover was a scientest trying to make a specific plastic, which could be used to make gun sights for soldiers in world war II. one day, he noticed his plastic was moist and it sticked to things and it had a very strong bond. six years later the eastman Kodak company began selling it under the name "Eastman #910" it wasnt until the 1960s when they renmaed it "super glue" Scientists are studying mosquitoes to make a new kind of needle that would make shots painless Kellar Autumn got inspired by geckos and made gecko tape. Post-it-notes: the glue wasnt working and Silver didnt want it so fry tried it out as page notes.
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