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AIS ethnic studies

paul nakama

on 12 March 2017

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Transcript of scenarios

• pilot & co-pilot dies
• January in Northern Canada (high = -25ºF/low = -40ºF)
• ground snow, woods, creeks, nearest town = 20 miles
• everyone is dressed in business attire
• salvaged items...
2 - moon landing
• scheduled to rendezvous w/mother ship on lighted side
• mechanical difficulties > force landing 200 miles from rendezvous point
• during re-entry & landing, most equipment was damaged
• salvaged items...
1 - plane crash
3 - lost at sea
• the skipper & crew died trying to put out a fire
• much of the yacht is destroyed & slowly sinking
• navigation & radio equipment damaged
• salvaged items in addition to a life raft & box of matches
team ?
A - ball of steel wool
B - small ax
C - loaded .45 caliber pistol
D - can of Crisco oil
E - stack of newspaper
F - cigarette lighter (no fluid)
G - extra shirt & pants (one per person)
H - heavy-duty canvas (20' x 20')
I - sectional air map (laminated)
J - quart of whiskey (100 proof)
K - compass
L - chocolate bars (one per person)
team ?
A - box of matches
B - food concentrate
C - nylon rope (50 feet)
D - silk parachute
E - .45 caliber pistols (2)
F - dehydrated milk (one case)
G - 100 pound oxygen tank (2)
H - stellar map
I - life raft (self-inflated)
J - compass (magnetic)
K - 5-gallons of water
L - flares
M - first aid kit w/needles
N - solar powered FM receiver
O - portable heating unit
team ?
A - sextant
B - mirror
C - mosquito netting
D - water (25 liters)
E - army rations (case)
F - maps of Atlantic Ocean
G - floating seat cushion
H - oil/gasoline mixture (10 liters)
I - transistor radio
J - opaque plastic sheeting (20 square feet)
K - shark repellent (can)
L - bottle of rum (160 proof)
M - nylon rope (15 feet)
N - chocolate bars (2 boxes)
O - ocean fishing kit w/pole
economics ≠ $
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