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The Scream by Diana J. Wieler: Characters

No description

Gillian Wong

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of The Scream by Diana J. Wieler: Characters

Mrs. Draginda
Todd Zudder
The Scream by Diana J. Wieler
main character and focus of the story
seventh grade student in drama class and regretting being there
too tall and skinny, with her elbows and shoulders sticking out like "sharp corners"
has eczema and skin white, dry, and scaly, giving her the name "Lizard skin"
has a lack of confidence with her appearance, drama class, and the classmates
constantly worrying about how to get through the drama class and how she looks
seventh grade student in drama class and Eliza's fear
supporting character in the story
is a bully to Eliza by pushing her down the stairs at their old school
irresponsible- making up excuses when being confronted by the principal
drama class teacher for seventh graders
supporting character in the story
has one leg shorter than the other, causing her to limp
has piercing blue eyes that "could freeze you where you stood"
very strict to the students
insulting to the students by saying bad things about them
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