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Chasing Lincoln's Killer

No description

Cody Degner

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Chasing Lincoln's Killer

Chasing Lincolns Kiler By James L. Swanson Author Information He was born on the day of Lincoln's birth, and for his tenth birthday his grandmother got him an engraving of the pistol Booth used to assasinate Lincoln as well as the newspaper article from the day after the crime was committed. List of Participants President and Family
-Abraham Lincoln
-Mary Todd Lincoln
-Robert Todd Lincoln
-Thomas "Tad" Lincoln Guests of the Lincoln's
-Major Henry Rathbone
-Clara Harris Principal Cabinet Members
-Secretary of War Edward M. Stanton
-Secretary of State William H. Seward
-Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles Principal Doctors
-Dr. Charles A. Leale
-Surgeon General Joseph K. Barnes Confederate Leaders
-President Jefferson Davis
-General Robert E. Lee Conspirators
-John Wilkes Booth
-David Herold
-Lewis Powell
-George Atzerodt
-Mary Surratt
-John Harrison Surratt
-Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Principal Accomplices
-Thomas Jones
-Captain Samuel Cox Principal Manhunters
-Lieutenant Edward P. Doherty
-Luther Byron Baker
-Colonel Lafayette Baker
-Colonel Everton Conger
-Lieutenant David Dana
-Sergeant Boston Corbett Conspirators
-John Wilkes Booth-He was to kill Lincoln and he succeeded.
-David Herold-He was supposed to keep the horses for himself and Powell.
-Lewis Powell-He was to kill Secretary of State Seward and he failed in his attack.
-George Atzerodt-He was to kill Vice-President Johnson and he failed to attack.
-Mary Surratt-She was the owner of the first safehouse Booth and Herold went to.
-John Harrison Surratt-He was the son of Mary Surratt and one of the principle conspirators in their first plot to kidnap Lincoln.
-Dr. Samuel A. Mudd-He was the owner of the second safehouse Booth and Herold went to. Lincoln's Assasination While he was assasinating Lincoln, Booth had several strokes of good luck. First, he knew the play that was being performed well, so he knew when laughter would most likely be ignited and, therefore when he should shoot. Second, Lincoln opted not to have an armed guard come with him to Ford's Theater, because he wanted a simple night out with his wife. Third, after the assasination, when he jumped off the balcony, one of Lincoln's guests grabbed his ankle causing him to stumble on the dismount, because of that, when he landed, he landed on top of the conductor in the orchestra pit, instead of breaking his neck on the jump. Finally, (these are just the lucky breaks that occured just before and after his assasination of Lincoln) when he was running out of the theater, a policeman in the audience began chasing after him, he was catching up to Booth, but Booth escaped because another actor got in the way of the policeman. Seward's Attempted Assasination Secretary of State Seward was supposed to be killed by Lewis Powell. Powell was to come in as a delivery man, working for Seward's doctor. To make sure he wasn't stopped at the door, he was to tell Seward's family and servants that he had to instruct Mr. Seward himself on how to take the medicine. His delivery man disguise worked, but telling the servants that he had to instruct Seward personally did not. He eventually lost all his patience, and began going beserk in the hallway. Seward's son came out of his father's room to investigate, which probably saved Seward's life. The reason his life was saved was because the insane Powell, distracted by Seward's son, slammed the butt of his pistol over young Seward's head. This caused a minor concussion, but broke the pistol. Powell ran through the door young Seward came from and made straight for the bed in the room. The only people strong enough to stop Powell were Seward's daughter and a Civil War veteran named Sergeant Robinson. On his way to Seward, Powell disabled Robinson by slamming his knife against Robinson's head. Then, all that was left between Powell and Seward was Seward's daughter. She put her tiny body between her father and Powell, this was a futile effort. Powell stabbed Seward in the mouth, but immediately after that, Robinson came back, as well as another of Seward's sons. They were able to fight Powell out of the room, after which he decided to flee. Vice-President Johnson's Non-Attempted Assassination David Azerodt was supposed to kill Vice-President Johnson. He had a room at The National Hotel where Johnson was staying, and he was simply supposed to knock on Johnson's door, and shoot him in the face. Instead he went down to the bar, and had a few drinks. After drinking for a little bit, he decided that assassinating someone was not a good idea, so he simply left the Hotel. Cody Degner Booth's Escape Booth evaded the authorities for 12 days. On his first "day" (it was actually about four hours), he killed Lincoln and got out of D.C. before news spread that Lincoln was dead. On the second day, he went to pick up his shooting irons from Mary Surratt's tavern with David Herold, and stayed at the tavern for a few hours, before embarking for Samuel Mudd's house. On his third day, he left Mudd's house, after getting a splint for his leg, he went to Captain Samuel Cox's house. On the fourth day, Cox helped hide him in the woods, and then went to Thomas Jone's house to get them help. On the fifth day, Thomas Jones decided he would help them, and went to tell them the plan. Day's five through nine had Booth and Herold waiting in the wood's for the perfect night to cross the border into Virginia. During day eight, a Union patrol looking for Booth, came within forty yards of where they were hiding. The night of day nine was foggy, and Jones thought that it would be the perfect night for Booth and Herold's crossing. On their way across the Potomac, Herold misread the compass, causing them to instead go up river and land on the Maryland side, again. Herold recognized where they were so after waiting a day, they disembarked again, and finally made it to Virginia. Once they were in Virginia, they started looking for help from Confederate Soldiers who hadn't stopped fighting claiming he was beat by Union citizens. With the remainder of day eleven, they rode their horses into the country, and found rest staying at the Garret family farm. They stayed and had a good time for the first night. The mood changed very much the next day, Garret saw Booth's gun and told them that they would have to sleep outside in their barn that night. After Booth and Herold got in the barn, Mr. Garret and his brother put a padlock and a heavy wooden beam on the door. Booth and Herold slept peacefully until, the manhunter's arrived after interrogating one of the Confederate soldiers. They gave Booth and Herold a chance to come out, and Herold took it. Booth chose not to, so they carried through with their threat to burn the barn down. The barn was burning around him, but Booth refused to come out. Through a hole in the barn caused by fire, Sergeant Boston Corbett saw Booth with a rifle on his hip and decided that Booth might fire at on of the officers, so he shot Booth in the throat. He was incapacitated, so the manhunters ran in, dragged him out of the fire, arrested him, and watched him die. Capture at Last Booth-Killed by Boston Corbett
Herold-Captured at Garret Farm, then hung for treason
Powell-Captured at Surratt Tavern, then hung for treason
Atzerodt-Captured at cousin's house, then hung for treason
M. Surratt-Captured at Surratt Tavern, then hung for treaon
J. Surratt-Captured in New York, then released
Dr. Samuel A. Mudd-Captured at home, then sentenced to life in prison
Edman Spangler-Captured behind theater, held Booth's horse, then sent to prison Pictures and Video's Escape JWB Gun JWB David Herold Lewis Powell George Atzerodt Muzzle Loading Single Shot Reason's for the Assasination
"We meet this evening, not in sorrow, but in gladness of heart. The evacuation of Petersburg and Richmond, and the surrender of the principal insurgent army, give hope of a righteous and speedy peace whose joyous expression can not be restrained. In the midst of this, however, He from whom all blessings flow, must not be forgotten. A call for a national thanksgiving is being prepared, and will be duly promulgated. Nor must those whose harder part gives us the cause of rejoicing, be overlooked. Their honors must not be parcelled out with others. I myself was near the front, and had the high pleasure of transmitting much of the good news to you; but no part of the honor, for plan or execution, is mine. To Gen. Grant, his skilful officers, and brave men, all belongs. The gallant Navy stood ready, but was not in reach to take active part."
This is the a part of the speech that Booth wrote in his journal as the reason he decided to kill the President. Mary Surratt Abraham Lincoln Thomas Jones National Treasure: Podcast #1
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