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Beliefs affecting personal and social identity

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Rhyannah Torrance

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Beliefs affecting personal and social identity

How does it influence
personal and social Identity?
Beliefs influence personal and social identity as the values and religious beliefs make up part of an individual's identity. The different influences however may have a negative or positive effect in influencing beliefs. For example if a value such as healthy relationships is taught in a family but the parents divorce that may lead to a negative part of their identity and those values changed.
A good example of the influence of parents on children's beliefs is this short clip.
Beliefs- Values
Beliefs can be seen as the values that individuals instill in their lives and use to make moral judgements. For example if someone believes it is wrong to smoke this can be seen as a value that they believe in.
Beliefs- Religion
Another way beliefs can be interpreted is through religion. Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
Beliefs: an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
Personal and social identity: formation of the identity through micro, meso and macro levels of society and their influence of the formation of identity
Beliefs affecting personal and social identity
Influences of Values
Family influences these types of beliefs as they are primary to a child's personal and social development and are a key influence from a young age.
Media and the values portrayed by them that reflect societies values which is encouraged into the child's belief system.
Another influence is friends and peers as they are an important influence. Their opinions and values are implemented onto each in order to be friends and live up to their standards.
Religious influences
Family influences religion hugely. The spiritual belief of a family impacts how children develop into seeing not only the families religion but also other religions. For example if a family is Christian and has a bad experience with a pastor then they may negatively be impacted by their family and religion.
Friends with or without religious beliefs can influence others into believing a similar view. Whether they want to impress or they respect a person that may influence spiritual beliefs.
Media's portrayal of religions can impact strongly on to a persons beliefs as the media is a strong influence and can frame or shape certain perceptions. For example if a TV show promotes Buddhism then those who idolize the TV show may be strongly impacted to believe in such religions.
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