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Business Plan: United Parcel Services

No description

Bulgankhuu Nayantai

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Business Plan: United Parcel Services

Business Plan: United Parcel Services
Market Analysis
Industry Analysis
UPS has latest high standard technology that produce tracking system to check where is your shipment and when it comes in final destination and flexibility to search on internet for customer cargo
Bulgankhuu Nayantai
Address: Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Songin – Khairhan district, 3r khoroo, Gurvaljingiin Guur Street, 12 d

Form of business: Shipping
Main Activity: Delivering cargo
Initial Capital: $ 77.000
Company Description

Focusing on people of medium and high level of income:
Air Freight
Freight Trucking

Name of Company: United Parcel Service
Mission: UPS’s priority is to provide the highest quality of logistic products to our valued customers. Our purpose is to create reliable, safe and cost containment superior transport products for the customers’ satisfaction.
Target Market
The UPS’s product is to be targeted among all the general public:
big companies

Buyer Behavior
The consumers in Mongolian market that are seeking to use quality product and people always use service or product once they got satisfied
Porter's 5 Forces
Mongolia has a growing population rate and this will give us an advantage of having a broader market compared to selling our products. A country’s currency also plays a huge deal in deciding open up new business
 New Entrants
UPS will be one the newest innovative companies in the transportation business and at this time there is no other business making the same type of services
Marketing Plan
 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
The bargaining power for suppliers is medium because the switching costs are low but their advantage is that they will have few customers allowing them to provide a very good service
 Competitive Rivalry
In the transportation industry in Mongolia there are large number of posts around the city and DHL that can satisfy the diverse wants of the customers
There isn’t any direct competitor as there is no other UPS business in Ulaanbaatar at the moment.
 Substitutes
There are substitutes for this industry. The Mongolian Post Center and DHL offer sames service, but different ways
 Bargaining Power of Buyers
The number of buyers in this sector is growing, but it can be affected by external factors like income, economic situation, and inflation
Air Freight
Fast perfect high value, time sensitive shipments. UPS is global air freight services most time and transit need for guaranteed overnight delivery to routine 3 to 5 days shipments
Freight Trucking
Heavy freight shipments can be sent regionally or cross the country with speed you need and realiblity your customer expect. All with day defined on time guarantee at no additional charge plus the pick up delivery commitment
With ups freight truckload dedicated transportation services you will enjoy benefits of having own private fleet on rely
UPS Trade Direct
UPS trade direct is factory direct solution that enables faster delivery of international shipments to multiple retail location and customers. Unliminating unnecessary steps on your global supply chain
Financial Projections
Thank You
The UPS’s service has a lower cost price and actually it makes pricing much cheaper than other rival companies
The major element in our promotion are advertising, sales promotions, direct marketing
Our website that showcases all of our products and also sneaks peeks of our latest products will be at www.UPS.mn
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