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Utopian Society

How we tried to structure our utopian society.

Tejus Mathew

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Utopian Society

Dime Quarter Elementary schools and high schools are located inside the dimes for ease of access to the people, and the removal of transportation for children, as they can walk. Homes are organized in a 3x3 square pattern, so that each person had their own backyard, and homes are easier to map out. Nature The City of Gaudium Nature is embraced and is encouraged in our fair city. It is encouraged that all should plant gardens and/or keep other plants in their homes. The plants help keep a peaceful environment in the home. It lightens the mood and keeps everyone happy. This allows our society to thrive in happiness as it brings a comforting feeling to the home. This also eliminates any need for a recycling program or environmental awareness because the people are already tending the environment from the start. Layout/Structure The city consists of what we call “dimes” and “quarters", both regarding areas of living space in our city. What exactly is a dime? Each dime is paired with a quarter.
The residences are located inside the dimes. So then what's a quarter? We consider it to be unhealthy for someone to stay in their homes all day long, and encourage them to spend their day in their quarter. Public transportation is used to move people from their dime to their quarter. All sorts of entertainment is provided in the quarters for all to enjoy. There are public parks for relaxation and small children. There are also many movie theaters, museums, and amusement parks. The colleges are also located in the quarters. All these places are easily in walking distance. Home Backyard Family Life Families are one of our greatest assets to our city Having children before marriage is illegal(not that anyone would break the law.) Marriage is not a sacrament, but rather is it a bond that bonds a man and a woman together. Same sex marriage is not allowed. Against the Law Listed are the things we have banned to make sure everyone is at peace. No Internet
No War movies
No Violent TV shows
No Video games
No Crime including murder. theft, assault, destruction of private property, etc.
No Books
No Sex before marriage
No Same sex marriage
No Practicing any sort of religion and/or worshiping a "god".
No smoking
No alcoholic beverages
No illegal drugs Buildings in the quarters include: fast food joints, travel agencies, gymnasiums, stadiums, skyscrapers, bridges, and specialized service stores, along with supermarkets. By letting nature take a more prominent role in our society, we can ensure an even healthier environment, and all organic foods can be received from home gardens or the supermarket. Children are encouraged to help tend to the family gardens in order to build a strong work ethic and body early on in their lives.
By doing this, family productivity is increased, and increased exposure to nature allows for a healthier person overall. A variety of transportation services are available in Gaudium. Some examples include:
Grind rails (with Grindboots)
Bicycle, skateboards, etc.
Walking (sidewalks are a government requirement) A daily life for a citizen of Gaudium involves going to work (or school) from around 7-8 am, returning at 5-6 pm. All city activities are planned after 7 pm, allowing for time to eat and refresh. City-wide curfew starts at 11 pm, meaning that no one should be seen on the streets, unless it pertains to an emergency situation. Social Structure The government and structure of Gaudium is a blend of socialism and democracy, allowing for freedom for the people, but the positive aspects of a government can be used where it is needed. Government Democracy One Social Class ECONOMICS/BUSINESS Local businesses (ex. supermarkets, tech companies, etc.) EDUCATION Government family Schools (Elementary, high, and university) There is no poor class, middle class, or upper class, everyone has the same income. The only social class is family. Power "With work, labor, and honor, the world becomes perfect." They do no cost anything and all teach the same things. A dime is a place where the citizens rest, almost like a college dorm room, where the students rest and can get away from the long lectures and constant learning. If we continue to use our college example, a quarter is more like a classroom or event, where activities are taking place and people join to do a variety of activities. Daily Life Everything costs the same for everyone, and everyone receives the same base income, along with additional income based off of the tax percentage of the year along with "tips" for their performance.
This allows everyone to recieve near the same pay, but harder workers benefit more. Religion Religion has been declared illegal in Gaudium, and any religious beliefs discovered will be considered an offense against the government. The offender will be forced to accept the procedures regarding such an offense. We have established a secret police disguised as citizens. They have no weapons, but they are trained to be very skilled in hand-to-hand combat. We constantly tell the people about the secret police to steer them away from doing wrong. But once in a blue moon, if someone does cause trouble, the police are there. The police do not use weapons, but are extremely skilled in martial arts. By eliminating all religions, Gaudium can remain free from any religious conflicts that would threaten to tear the city apart. All citizens of Gaudium are to remain non-religious, and any matters regarding religion will be immediately discarded. This process keeps Gaudium safe from any religious wars and attacks influenced by the people, and allows the food industry to follow only one set of regulations rather than multiple restrictions by religions. Once a criminal has been stopped, we take him to our mental facility and strap him to the CHAIR. The CHAIR is our greatest invention and is a breakthrough in neurotechnology. Once the CHAIR is turned on, it simply evaporates all the "bad" thoughts in the brain. Although we are very proud, we hope we do not have to us it often. Crime Boredom is not a problem for us. After Apple monopolized the computer, and phone industry, boredom was no longer an issue as Apple regularly continues to release more products which keeps the people busy. Movies and plays and television and that sort of entertainment also exist. However, they cannot show any violent and graphic content. Furthermore, video-games have been banned. Certain iPhone apps are allowed, but strictly monitored. Although hopeful that crimes will be scarce, Gaudium has prepared safeguards that will ensure any possible threat is removed. Downfalls Entertainment Although we hate to admit it, certain downfalls could us into becoming a dystopia. There are also a variety of parks with sports fields, courts for racquetball and tennis. Along with parks, Gaudium has a myriad of gyms, fitness centers, basketball courts, and biking paths. Our goal is to keep everyone entertained, all the time, through virtual and physical activities. These downfalls include:
Too much censorship and other restrictions could lead to a revolt of the people
Police rebellion, the police take over the government. They have the most brute force and could simply take over the whole operation if they became corrupt.
Jealousy among the people that would lead to internal conflict and increase tension and create unhappiness, and to the most extreme, turn into a civil war.
People begin to worship a “god” and form their own religion. Religion will only bring about destruction and violence has it has throughout history.
Scientists could rebel. The scientists have the neurotechnology of the CHAIR, and they use that to their advantage if they wanted to take over. We have emphasized history in school. We believe that history is the most important class. We emphasize war to steer people away from it. We make it seem much more violent and bloody, and make it more personal in order to keep our youth away from it. Some examples of buildings are: supermarkets, travel agencies, colleges, etc. The school system is practically the same as it is now, but there is more open work times, and students are taken to various areas around the city to apply their learning, instead of memorizing it word for word. The government has a council of various citizens with different jobs convene together, in order to observe the conditions of the city and create new laws to help. The governement also has another part, called the Managers, to help organize the city and direct its actions.
The Managers also help direct businesses and control what substances come into and out of the city. The people have votes to help decide who will represent their job in the councils. However, all people have an equal say to what goes on in Gaudium, and they can appeal to the government about a new law that is affecting them. This allows people to have more relations to each other, and eliminates any conflict regarding how one person from one class is "above" other people. Power Most of the power in Gaudium goes to the people. The only role the government has it to direct and guide the economics of the city, and to listen to people's disagreements about society.
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