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No description

kai kun

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Man=

task to name and take care of animals
The Task
These are some ways to help stop abusing animals and to follow gods commands
Don't buy pets if you can't take care of them
Don't pollute
If you see a hint of animal abuse contact local police or a animal rescuing center
Teach people about animal abusage
Muna & Kai
When God created mankind one of mans three tasks was to name and take care of the animals.
The animal video!!!

Adam(the first man) did his task very well and took good care of the animals and named them in The Garden of Eden til he was banned from it.
Animal Abuse
But do we now?
People do many bad things to animals here are some of the few things we do to them.
People abandon pets and leave them to die
People test products and stuff that are not yet safe on animals
People hurt their pets by underfeeding them or physically hurting them
Animals in slaughter houses live horrible lives
People hurt animals by polluting which makes their habitat toxic
Chickens held in a slaughterhouse
lets stop it!
Monkey held in a cage too small
Underfed dog
Oil pollution enabling birds unable to fly
Here are some photos of abusage
This monkey, in a restraining device, was subjected to neurological experiments
result of experiments
The End
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