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The Weaving Story

Elementary Art

A. Seitz

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of The Weaving Story

The Weaving Story
From Yarn to Fabric

The materials that are used to make a weaving are called fibers. Fibers to make yarn and thread come
from things like cotton and wool. Yarns and threads
are used to make fabric.
Did you know that cotton comes from a plant?
Did you know that wool comes from sheep?
Did you know that we use things that are woven every single day? Imagine if you had to weave these things yourself.
To create a weaving you will need some type of a
. A
is a frame that holds many pieces of thread, called the
, very straight.
Weaving can also be a craft or a work of art.
The weaving process uses the
threads which are the vertical threads on the
. The horizontal threads are called the
, which is what is used to do the weaving.

Weaving is the continuous process of alternating the threads. In this picture, the woman is using the weft thread, and weaving over and under the warp thread.
is used so that other threads, called the
, can be woven over and under the
Thousands of years ago, people all over the world created simple looms to weave cloth by hand. This tradition of hand weaving continues in many lands.
Today, we have factories that have large industrial looms that weave fabric for us.
Group Activity:
The Weaving Story: From Yarn to Fabric Worksheet
1. Divide up the boxes on the worksheet evenly within your
group. Draw a simple picture to go with the word in each box.
2. Cut out each box.
3. Working together as a group, place the pictures in the correct order sequence
from beginning to end in the weaving process and glue on to paper.
What is a weaving ???
Weaving is the process of forming cloth
or fabric on a loom by interlacing yarn
or thread.
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