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No description

lambert malinao

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of RAINFOREST

Rawr! Doon Po Sa The first of its kind in Cebu of a well-thought unique concepts that encloses an inspired mix of entertainment, adventure, leisure, educational, dining and unwinding for
the entire family.

A place like no other. A walk in zoo with different animals. Forget about the high nets above and with the birds flying above your head, you would think you are in a paradise. Here's the overview! What is in Rainforest Park Cebu? ( There is a taste of Province ) Fueled up to try the new adventures! Climbing to take the first challenge! Facing the
with full
of courage and thrill.
We're trying to
reach the end while
passing through
a single rope.
This is called
the Burma Bridge!
Exciting! More exciting than the first! Giving our best shot out and taking risk to face this another challenging obstacle—The Vines! With this, we have to pass and reach the end while stepping a single rope while holding the ropes above you called the vines. No worries! Their equipments are highly durable. And for the third challenge,
a metal bridge which is
half-a-ruler wide. As we
stepped on this metal bridge,
we felt that it will gonna
break and might not carry
our weights. Having those
feelings while passing through,our feet trembled. This is called a Catwalk bridge for you have to do catwalking! Finally we’re on the last but definitely not the least- The Earthquake Bridge! From its name, you can actually feel earthquake like movements. As you step in, there would probably some trembling effect. This bridge is compose of a block of wood tied at both ends like a swing. It’s absolutely fun in Rainforest Park Cebu! Three challenges down and we’re
going to face the fourth! The Deep
Bucket! What we have to do is
simply put our hands together, focus,
and have presence in mind to reach
the other end. JUNGLE On our way to the Amazon Aviary and Tarzan House! Birds! Birds! Birds! Experience a Tarzan-like adventure and have a great closure to our winged friends! Take your aerial fancy in a close-up encounter with our winged friends. Home to the amazing breed of birds. Our experience does not end there yet! Together, let’s witness the alluring beauty of a one-of-a-kind restaurant. A restaurant that will surely amaze us all. Come and let’s take a glimpse of its enticing motif. Not only can you get a feast from the restaurant but you can get a feast for the eyes as well! Surrounded by wall-sized aquariums, the restaurant offers a Filipino Cuisine with a modern touch. You surely won’t go hungry here! Put your abilities to the test in this obstacle course! Be wary of the 9 obstacles that you will face: The Cargo Net, The Burma Bridge, The Earthquake Bridge, The Deep Bucket, The Wall Climb, Jacob’s ladder, Catwalk Bridge and the Vines. This test is perfect for knowing your limits. This will also encourage team building and unity within families. cockatoo owl Want to be refreshed beyond compare? Visit this exceptional Café and you’ll surely feel the relaxing ambiance. This Café is the perfect spot for you to chill! Having a great time? But before we leave, we can also buy some memorabilias found at the Rainforest Gift Shop. They offer great and purely handmade crafts that showcases imaginativeness of the minds. If pampering piques your interest, you should go here. Led by the chief stylist, Sir Lodger, he and their staff will provide you services fit for a perfect day of pampering. Their services range from hair rebonding and styling to body massages. You can’t go wrong here! After a day of fun and strenuous activities, relax at Zoofari Cafe! Have some R and R at this wondrous place. Grab a book, sit down, grab a cup of coffee and let it all go, and take in the calming atmosphere their ambiance provides. Their pastries can heighten this experience even more, slowly tickling your sweet tooth. Watch the video! by: describe ang gift shop ug unsay mapalit
nya ang quick brown fox jumps over the lazy doggeh In partnership with: Members: Bibliography : http://rainforestparkadventure.blogspot.com/
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfusU-xqU3A Take home not only memories but a memorabilia of your whole experiences. The aviary has also special features
like the house of Tarzan. It is the
center of all attractions in the aviary.
Tarzan’s house is a small hut which
you can enjoy exploring the insides.
In there, you can also feed the birds
and do swings the Tarzan way! Coach: Powered http://partners.smart.com.ph/dpsa http://www.smartschools.ph http://www.smart.com.ph http://www.mapwiki.nokia.com http://www.deped.edu.ph
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